Robots in agricultures

Contadino is a modular agricultural implement carrier which can be used for different light duty tasks such as seeding, weeding, spraying, fertilizing and monitoring. For these different purposes the robot can be equipped with different implements. The modular design allows for a maximum of flexibility regarding tool size and track width and enables a quick and easy maintenance. Together with partners in the agricultural sector first applications will be developed and tested in 2020.
Project Title Field Robot for ecological weed management in vegetable production
0The use of robots in agriculture continues to expand. One area of growth is in the picking and harvesting process. Integrated automation on a combine harvester is relatively common but more complicated functions like using robots to pick soft fruits are now in the early stages of development and deployment. ElectroCraft offers a wide range of motion control products that are ideal for agricultural robotic applications.
The Thorvald robotic platform has been built to perform a wide variety of agricultural tasks, including deployment as a multi-purpose light weight robotic carrying platform, as a sensor platform to monitor crops and soils and, potentially, as a platform to manage crops and for precision weed control.

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