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Robot mail delivery trucks developed in Detroit ready for China, US

Looking like a delegation of toasters from space, a generation of electrically powered, self-driving mail trucks will roll out of a suburban Detroit industrial park later this year. Their mission: revolutionize mail and package delivery.

The Great Myth of the AI Skills Gap

One of the most contentious debates in technology is around the question of automation and jobs. At issue is whether advances in automation, specifically with regards to artificial intelligence and robotics, will spell trouble for today’s workers. This debate is played out in the media daily, and passions run deep on both sides of the […]

Mazor X Stealth robot-assisted spinal surgery launches in US

Medtronic has launched its Mazor X Stealth robotic-assisted spinal surgical platform in the U.S., touting its recent use in its first commercial procedures. The first uses of the system took place at Louisville, Ky.’s Norton Healthcare and Reston, Va.’s Reston Hospital Center, the Fridley, Minn.-based medtech giant said. “The marriage of robotics and navigation represents the…

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Are We Ready for a Sky Full of Drones? Recent Airport Attacks Say No

With just a week to go before Christmas, he might have been hoping for a quick getaway at the end of a long shift. That was when the airport security officer first noticed the drones: two cross-shaped objects with flashing lights, buzzing around in the sky. In most places, this might be a mild curiosity; […]

ROS Melodic Morenia Logo and Tshirt Campaign

With each release of ROS we have a tradition of having a logo and making t-shirts. ROS Melodic Morenia is coming out in May. To let you show your ROS colors and support this tradition, we have setup a Teespring…

Beyond Kickstarter: The Rise of Equity Crowdfunding

Before Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which are what crowdfunding is all about these days, at least to most people. The way to raise money for your startup to was to sell equity. That funding model is on its way back.
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On-demand butler taps multiple services to take care of every household chore

Photo: Vox Efx/FlickrAlfred is a service that crowdsources local helpers to act as a butler service for laundry, shopping and cleaning tasks.

Micro beacon stickers turn any object into a smart one

estimoteEstimote stickers are tiny adhesive beacons that can be attached to any surface to help unconnected objects interact with smartphones.

Food Cowboy locates nearby food banks to take unsellable produce

Photo: U.S. Department of Agriculture/FlickrFood Cowboy is a system that helps those in the food supply chain to find local nonprofits that can use the food they’re throwing away.

Instagram snaps turned into physical mail for inmates

pigeonlyPigeonly automatically turns smartphone snaps into printed photographs and sends them to incarcerated friends and family through the post.