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Robbie the Robot becomes soap fan after watching Emmerdale to learn about dementia

Edge Hill University’s robot, Robbie, has become a soap fan after watching episodes of popular UK drama Emmerdale to learn about dementia.

New BBC Micro:bit Is Free for Preteens in the UK

Earlier today the BBC announced the final design of its Micro:bit. Based around an ARM core, the board will be given to every 11 or 12 year old child across the UK, for free.
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Beyond Kickstarter: The Rise of Equity Crowdfunding

Before Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which are what crowdfunding is all about these days, at least to most people. The way to raise money for your startup to was to sell equity. That funding model is on its way back.
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Middlesex University intro to ROS summer school

From Nick WeldinMiddlesex University is running a one week Intro to ROS summer school 6-10 July in London, UK. It will be a practical hands on class with 10 turtlebot robots and a Baxter Research Robot. More details are…

In France, supermarket turns ugly fruit and veg into own-brand soups and juices

intermarcheIntermarché is turning fruit and veg that’s too ugly to sell into a range of new products.

Sandals for kids grow as they do

growA UK design student has created Grow, a pair of sandals that can be adjusted to cater for bigger feet as children get older.

Journey tracking app will use cyclist data to make cities safer for bikes

wecycleWeCycle lets cyclists track their journeys, pooling their data to create heat maps for city planners.

Supermarket store is entirely powered by food waste

sainsburysUK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has now created the first outlet in the country to be powered solely through organic waste products.

Store mannequins deliver fashion promotions direct to shoppers’ mobiles

iconemeIconeme is trialing a smart mannequin service in the UK, enabling the static models to send store info and shopping suggestions to customer smartphones.

Robots enable web users to virtually roam London’s Tate art gallery at night

afterdarkThe UK’s Tate Britain has developed the After Dark scheme, which enables anyone to browse the collection through a robot that moves around the gallery when everyone else has gone home.