AWS RoboMaker cloud robotics platform launches

The cloud robotics race is heating up. One month after it was revealed that a Google Cloud Robotics Platform is coming in 2019, a juggernaut of a competitor has released a similar solution. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing arm of Amazon, has released its RoboMaker cloud robotics platform to give developers a centralized…

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Open Robotics names ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee

Open Robotics, the organization behind the robot operating system (ROS), announced a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to, you guessed it, set the “technical direction for ROS 2.” That will start with determining the ROS 2 roadmap, developing core tools and libraries and establishing working groups to focus on important topics. Open Robotics says its wants to…

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ROS Melodic Morenia Logo and Tshirt Campaign

With each release of ROS we have a tradition of having a logo and making t-shirts. ROS Melodic Morenia is coming out in May. To let you show your ROS colors and support this tradition, we have setup a Teespring… […]

ROS Contributor Spotlight: Vladimir Ermakov

As part of our 10-year anniversary, we’ve selected a few key early contributors and asked them about their experiences with ROS. Name: Vladimir Ermakov Company: Co-Founder and CEO, GlobeIn Favorite Fictional Robot: R. Daneel Olivaw; Robert from His name was… […]

Actin-ROS Interface

From Neil Tardella Actin is a powerful commercial control and simulation framework used in several industrial and government robotic systems. Energid, the developer of Actin, is now providing a ROS Kinetic stack and a ROS plugin base class for Actin… […]

ROS binary logger package

From Enrico Villagrossi We would like to announce the release of the new ROS binary logger package. The package is designed to be an alternative to rosbag when: multiple and long messages acquisitions are required (the binary files have smaller… […]

Program with Robot Operating System for Smooth Servo Movement

Learn how to use the open source ROS platform to bring your robot to life. Read more on MAKE The post Program with Robot Operating System for Smooth Servo Movement appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. […]

Announcing the release v0.6 of RAPP Platform and RAPP API

From Manos Tsardoulias We are happy to announce the v0.6 version of RAPP Platform and RAPP API, oriented to provide an online platform for delivering ready-to-use generic cloud services to robots! The changes in comparison to v0.5.5 follow: RAPP Platform… […]

Celebrating 9 Years of ROS!

This year marks the occasion of ROS turning 9 years old! Through these years ROS has grown into a strong world-wide community. It’s a community with a large variety of interests: from academic researchers to robotic product developers as well… […]

Announcing ROSComponents online store

From Rom├ín Navarro via ros-users@ I’d like to announce a new online store for robots, sensors and components supported by ROS: Why ROS-Components? In recent years, ROS has become the standard in Service and Research Robotics, and it’s making… […]