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Toshiba unveils robot to probe melted Fukushima nuclear fuel

Toshiba Corp. has unveiled a remote-controlled robot with tongs that it hopes will be able to probe the inside of one of the three damaged reactors at Japan’s tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant and manipulate chunks of melted fuel.

Algorithm gives robots an instinctive understanding of how to use tools

A*STAR researchers working with colleagues in Japan have developed a method by which robots can automatically recognize an object as a potential tool and use it, despite never having seen it before.

3D Printed Heads Can Unlock Phones. What Does that Mean for Biometric Security?

Facial recognition technology is likely not as safe as you may have thought. This was illustrated by a recent test where 3D printed busts of peoples’ heads were used to unlock smartphones. Out of five tested phones, only one refused to open when presented with the fake head. Other biometric security measures are also showing […]

Customizable wristwatch features 10 designs in one

everydaywatchDutch collective MIJLO has developed the Everyday Watch, a timepiece with two different faces and five straps.

In Japan, store sells secondhand booze

liquoroffLiquorOFF accepts and resells donors’ unwanted spirits, beers and wines, helping consumers to save money on alcohol.

Honda creates bottled water brand using hydrogen from its cars’ emissions

hondawaterHonda claims that the water produced by its new hydrogen vehicle is pure enough to drink.

Hyper-customizable men’s shirts offer over a billion options

originalstitchOriginal Stitch is enabling customers to truly personalize shirts with their choice of fabric, color, pattern and design, providing over a billion possible permutations.

Solar-powered sunglasses notify owners if they’ve left them behind

tzukuriAustralia’s Tzukuri has developed a range of sunglasses that sync with owners iPhones to let them know where they left them.

Glasses enable customization through magnetic arms

nendoJapanese design group Nendo has now created its magne-hinge spectacles, which use magnetic hinges to enable wearers to easily swap out the arms as they please.

Quadruped Robot Pneupard Takes Its First Steps

The air-powered cat-inspired robot from Japan is back