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What Made These Amazing Companies So Disruptive? They All Built Platforms

A trait shared by the fastest growing and most disruptive companies in history — Google, Amazon, Uber, AirBnb, and eBay—is that they aren’t focused on selling products, they are building platforms. The ability to leverage the network effects of a platform is something that the technology industry learned long ago — and perfected. It is what gives Silicon Valley an unfair advantage over competitors in every industry; something that is becoming increasingly important as all information becomes digitized. A platform isn’t a new concept, it is simply a way of building something that is open, inclusive, and has a strategic… read more

iOS app turns smartphones into an automated teleprompter

promptsmartPromptSmart is an app that mimics the standard autocue, using voice recognition to track users’ place in the text.

Store mannequins deliver fashion promotions direct to shoppers’ mobiles

iconemeIconeme is trialing a smart mannequin service in the UK, enabling the static models to send store info and shopping suggestions to customer smartphones.

iOS app adds notes to phone contacts to jog users’ memory

huminHumin is an iOS app that lets users add relationship context and social media details to their contacts.

Micro meal recommendations help drop calories and fight national hunger

foodtweeksFoodTweeks is an app that gives users small suggestions to tweak their diet, with each calorie cut rewarded with support for local food banks.

To-do app actually schedules your day for you

timefulTimeful uses smart suggestions to manage users’ daily tasks for them, recommending the best times for each activity.

Custom business analytics dashboards for iPhones and iPads

numericsNumerics is an app that simplifies and customizes business analytics, making it easier for companies to track their numbers using mobile devices.

App offers a comprehensive guide to local and real-time parking restrictions

appyparkingAppyParking is an app that details paid and non-paid parking spaces in real time, as well as factors such as congestion charges and special restrictions.

Virtual pet can only be fed through walking

wokamonFrom China, Wokamon is a virtual pet app that requires kids to walk and exercise in order to keep their creature alive.

App tracks product price drops with a simple screenshot

snapupWith just a screenshot of the online products they’re interested in, SnapUp helps mobile shoppers organize their wanted items and automatically lets them know when they’re on sale.