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Snake-inspired robot slithers even better than predecessor

Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a new and improved snake-inspired soft robot that is faster and more precise than its predecessor.

Locus Robotics raises $26M for warehouse robots, partners with Zebra

Locus Robotics plans to use its latest funding to expand its sales and distribution worldwide and further scale up production.

China’s Electric Buses Save More Diesel Than All Electric Cars Combined

Tesla and other electric cars are great for the environment. However, they pale in comparison to electric buses. According to a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), electric buses will save an astounding 270,000 barrels of diesel demand in 2019—every single day. The vast majority of electric buses are found in China, where many […]

Nick Seward’s Rolling 3D Printer Can Go Infinitely Long In One Direction

There was a time when every home 3D printer was some kind of experiment. There wasn’t a widely agreed upon layout or electronic configuration or size. Everyone was pulling info they needed from the RepRap project and kind of just winging it. Over…

Untold History of AI: How Amazon’s Mechanical Turkers Got Squeezed Inside the Machine

Today’s unseen digital laborers resemble the human who powered the 18th century Mechanical Turk

As We Democratize Biology, We Must Avoid Biologizing Democracy

Technology is rapidly being demonetized and democratized, and that includes biotechnology. Almost anyone can now access and apply powerful biotech tools like genetic testing for a broad range of purposes. In addition, recent scientific insights have shown that the predictive power of genomics is even greater then we previously thought, and this means we have […]

Understand.ai accelerates image annotation for self-driving cars

A German startup is working to make the labor-intensive process of tagging images and video to train self-driving algorithms easier.

Snake-inspired robot uses kirigami for swifter slithering

A new programmable metamaterial using kirigami, the Japanese art of paper folding, can more efficiently change its shape to crawl, said Harvard researchers.

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Open AI’s Dota 2 AI Steamrolls World Champion e-Sports Team With Back-to-Back Victories Nick Statt | The Verge “…[OpenAI cofounder and CEO, Sam Altman] tells me there probably does not exist a video game out there right now that a system like OpenAI Five can’t eventually master at a level beyond human capability. […]

The Coral Dev Board Takes Google’s AI to the Edge

A tensor processing unit with a Raspberry Pi–style form factor brings machine learning to makers