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Little Limit to the Amount of Wind Energy

Two groups of scientists say we can take as much wind power as we need without changing the climate

Baby sling promotes bonding while moms exercise

The Smiling Sling is an infant carrier that encourages maximum enjoyment and bonding between mother and baby through physical activity.

Boston Dynamics shows off latest abilities of AlphaDog (w/ Video)

(Phys.org)—Anyone who follows the latest in robot technology is almost certainly familiar with Boston Dynamics’ AlphaDog, the mechanical pack mule and descendant of the original Big Dog built at the behest of DARPA. It’s all part of what its develope…

DARPA’s AlphaDog Tracks Humans

Most of the work coming out of robotics powerhouse Boston Dynamics looks like it just came off a movie set. But it’s demonstrations like the recently released video of DARPA’s LS3 Legged Squad Support System going through it’s paces: climbing up hills, over rocky terrain, through brush, tracking humans, that you finally notice it’s the real thing.

Flask infuses water with any ingredient

ZingAnything has introduced its Aqua Zinger, a mixing flask that enables anyone to make water tastier by infusing it with their own ingredients.

KindleBerry Pi

On a recent trip to Europe, BC OSS enthusiast Gef Tremblay pieced together something he calls KindleBerry Pi from minimal kit he brought along on his journey. He’s networked a Kindle with a Raspberry Pi over USB and is multiplexing a terminal using GNU screen.

MAKE’s 3D Print Shop Weekend, Day 2

The slicing has stopped, the extruders have cooled, and the PLA is spooled and ready for its next printing assignment. MAKE’s unprecedented 3D Print Shop Weekend is over. The testing, the Google Hangout, and the open house were all great successes. This was an amazing opportunity to get most of the currently available consumer-grade printers in one room…

Nova Jiang’s Moving Planter Maze

Landscape Abbreviated is a kinetic maze consisting of modular elements with rotating planters, which form a garden that is simultaneously a machine. I am interested in the way that simple interventions can make the experience of space dynamic and unpredictable. The planters are controlled by a software program that continuously […]

Announcing hiDOF, Willow Garage`s latest Spin-out

Today marks another significant milestone in Willow Garage’s mission to create a personal robotics industry. Willow Garage is proud to announce the creation of its latest spin-out: hiDOF, Inc., a software consulting company. The name is a play on the …

Easier integration with the MoveIt wizard,advancements in OMPL

If you have a robot that needs to move, MoveIt is the planning framework for you. MoveIt is an open source project that includes various planning techniques, kinematics, dynamics, collision checking, constraints evaluation and sampling, visualization, …