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New type of mobile tracking link shoppers’ physical movements, buying choices

A new study used a targeting strategy that tracks where, when, and for how long consumers are in a shopping mall to determine how shoppers’ physical movements affect their economic choices. The study found that targeting potential customers in this way…

A Spotless Mind? Precisely-Timed Anesthesia May Dim Traumatic Memories

We all have things we’d rather forget. But for over four million people in the US who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), that need becomes very real. Erasing memories has always been the stuff of science fiction and wishful thinking. After all, what happened, happened—your experiences are solidified in your head as part of […]

Electric actuators for better robotic-vehicle steering

Steering design for advanced logistics vehicles and mobile robots starts with understanding design requirements; deciding if custom is critical; and choosing the best solution for specific application. By Will Hellinger • Engineering Manager | Allied Motion Logistics vehicles include stackers, forklifts, side loaders, pushers and tuggers, and even mobile robots. These move items from point…

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This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through March 23)

COMPUTING Racing Against China, US Reveals Details of $500 Million Supercomputer Don Clark | The New York Times “Lab officials predict it will be the first American machine to reach a milestone called ‘exascale’ performance, surpassing a quintillion calculations per second. That’s roughly seven times the speed rating of the most powerful system built to […]

Laundry robots could get foothold in the home for automation

Last week, attending the Our Crowd Summit, I felt engulfed by the breadth of innovation and minds gathered in Jerusalem’s International Convention Center. Jonathan Medved’s billion-dollar crowd-funding platform has launched some of Israel’s most promising mechatronic startups, including ReWalk, Intuition Robotics, Airobotics, and Argus Cyber Security. Household robotics, such as laundry robots, could yet be the next big…

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Bracing Medical AI Systems for Attacks

There’s new advice on how to handle tampering that fools algorithms and enables healthcare fraud

Avidbots raises $24M for commercial floor cleaning robots

Avidbots, a Kitchener, Ontario-based company that makes commercial floor cleaning robots, raised $23.6 million in Series B funding led by returning investor True Ventures. This latest round of funding raises Avidbots’ venture capital financing to a total of $36 million. Founded in 2014 by Pablo Molina and Faizan Sheikh, Avidbots’ first product, Neo, is an…

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Graphene Device Sops Up Sunlight, Heats to 160 Degrees Celsius in Seconds

A new class of ultrathin light absorbent material could harvest solar energy, boil water, and work as an infrared detector

Steampunk, Robots, and Comics: a Weekend of Making Across Germany!

This coming weekend, March 23 & 24th, three separate Maker Faires will inspire, instruct, and delight audiences of all ages across Germany. With no fewer than 12 events this year, it is evident that the German public has a rich choice of making exp…