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Welcome – About me :)

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Welcome – About me :)

Filipe Neves Dos SantosHello, my name is Filipe Neves Dos Santos and I am, at this moment, PhD Student and Researcher at  FEUP . I have also, years of experience like an Engineer, Consultant, Entrepreneur and Freelancer. (See more here)

I am an Electronics and Computer Engineer, graduated since 2003. I also have a Msc in Automation and Robotics (2007) from Instituto Superior Técnico – Universidade Técnica de Lisboa ( Thesis ->  Development of  a Low cost Multiple GPS Antenna System for attitude determination of an UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).  ) .

The realization of research and development during the past eight years, lectures, creation of an start-up,  management of a business, management of others projects, provide me a considerable experience.

At this moment I’m doing a Ph.D. and my research interests are:

  • Robotics (UAV, AUV, humanoid)
  • Hybrid Control
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • Navigations Systems (GNSS, IMU, Sonar)
  • AI – Artificial Intelligence
  • Control Systems

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