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Month: December 2018

Robotics | IoT

The 18 Best Maker Faire Videos of 2018

A small panel of judges from Make: editorial and Maker Faire leadership spent some reviewing the 60+ videos produced from the 198 city-facing events in 44 countries that took place this year. Videos were primarily post-event documentation, but some wer…

Why the Future of Solar Power Is from Space

Over seven decades ago in 1941, Isaac Asimov wrote a short story, “Reason” (PDF), in which energy captured from the sun was transmitted via microwave beams to nearby planets from a space station. Flash forward to today, scientists are looking to make that very science fiction dream a reality for Earth. There has been tremendous […]

Accounting For Kerf: How Much Material Is Really Removed By Your Cutter?

“How did I screw up measuring everything by a quarter-inch? I must not be good at this!” Nope, you just didn’t account for kerf.

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The Most Surprising Tech Breakthroughs of 2018

Development across the entire information technology landscape certainly didn’t slow down this year. From CRISPR babies, to the rapid decline of the crypto markets, to a new robot on Mars, and discovery of subatomic particles that could change modern physics as we know it, there was no shortage of headline-grabbing breakthroughs and discoveries. As 2018 […]

Singularity Hub’s Top Articles of the Year

2018 was a big year for science and technology. The first gene-edited babies were born, as were the first cloned monkeys. SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon Heavy, and NASA’s InSight lander placed a seismometer on Mars. Bitcoin’s value plummeted, as did the cost of renewable energy. The world’s biggest neuromorphic supercomputer was switched on, and […]

10 biggest robotics stories of 2018

2018 was quite an eventful year for the robotics industry. It was full of ups and downs, of course, but it will unfortunately be remembered more for the downs than anything. So before we turn our attention to 2019 trends to watch, let’s recap the major robotics stories of 2018. Here is our recap of…

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New hydraulic actuator will make robots tougher

Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have developed a hydraulic actuator that will allow tough robots to operate in disaster sites and other harsh environments. The Tokyo Tech Venture H-MUSCLE Corporation was established to pur…

How AR and VR Will Shape the Future of Work and Play

How we work and play is about to transform. After a prolonged technology “winter”—or what I like to call the ‘deceptive growth’ phase of any exponential technology—the hardware and software that power virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications are accelerating at an extraordinary rate. Unprecedented new applications in almost every industry are exploding onto […]

AI, robotics, automation: The fourth industrial revolution is here

For Chinese guests at Marriott International hotels, the check-in process will soon get easier. The hotel giant announced last summer that it’s developing facial recognition systems that will allow guests to check in at a kiosk in less than a minute vi…

Bright Ideas: Kari Byron Interviews Debra Ansell

MythBuster Kari Byron and “geek mom” Debra Ansell chat about technology, art, and the magic of being self-taught

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