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Month: October 2018

Robotics | IoT

Build Your Own Professional-Grade Audio Amp on the Sort of Cheap

Get amazing stereo sound with 3e Audio’s Class-D amplifier board

3e Audio Amp Construction

Tips and the Bill of Materials

The Industrial Internet of Things

Creating intelligent solutions to solve real-world problems

Taiwan’s Makerspaces and 3D Printing Expertise On Display at Maker Faire Taipei 2018

Fablabs and makerspaces have popped up and persisted across the city (and country) and the work of their denizens a distinct feature of Maker Faire Taipei’s offerings.

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Flex Logix Says It’s Solved Deep Learning’s DRAM Problem

Bandwidth limits mean AI systems need too much DRAM, embedded-FPGA startup thinks its technology can change that

Cargill robot moves cattle herds with less stress, more safety

Meet the world’s first cowboy robot. It does not look like something from Hollywood or Silicon Valley.

This Robot Transforms Itself to Navigate an Obstacle Course

A central perception system allows a robot to change its own configurations for each new challenge

Machines that learn language more like kids do

Researchers describe a parser that learns through observation to more closely mimic a child’s language-acquisition process, which could greatly extend the parser’s capabilities.

Photos in social media reveal socio-cultural value of landscapes

Every day, users upload millions of photos on platforms, such as Flickr, Instagram or Facebook. A study now shows that these photos can be used to assess the social importance of certain landscapes. For this purpose, they developed a new image analysis…

Building a Moral Machine: Who Decides the Ethics of Self-Driving Cars?

You’re driving along the highway when, suddenly, a person darts out across the busy road. There’s speeding traffic all around you, and you have a split second to make the decision: do you swerve to avoid the person and risk causing an accident? Do you carry on and hope to miss them? Do you brake? […]