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Month: February 2018

Robotics | IoT

Personalizing wearable devices

When it comes to soft, assistive devices the wearer and the robot need to be in sync. But every human moves a bit differently and tailoring the robot’s parameters for an individual user is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Now, researchers have…

Don’t want to lose a finger? Let a robot give a hand

In an effort to minimize injury and let carpenters focus on design and other bigger-picture tasks, a team has created AutoSaw, a system that lets you customize different items that can then be constructed with the help of robots.

How Blockchain Is Helping Democratize Access to Credit

Inclusive and sustainable economic growth is goal 8 on the UN’s list of 17 sustainable development goals to be accomplished by 2030. Goal 8’s description emphasizes job creation, but acknowledges the fact that there’s a lot more to escaping poverty than simply being employed. Lack of financial inclusiveness is a part of this—say you’re making […]

AutoSaw Robot Carpenter Eases Pain of Building Furniture

Have you ever built custom furniture? It can be a dangerous, expensive and tedious process. Researchers at MIT CSAIL, however, have created a robot-assisted carpentry system called AutoSaw to, hopefully one day, democratize custom furniture building. AutoSaw consists of OnShape’s CAD system, a modified Roomba Create outfitted with a circular saw and two Kuka youBots,…

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It’s Dangerous When You Build Things You Klutz, but MIT’s Robots Will Save You

MIT’s AutoSaw takes the risk and skill out of creating custom furniture, so that even you can do it without losing an unnecessary number of limbs

Hacking the Brain With Adversarial Images

Researchers from Google Brain show that adversarial images can trick both humans and computers, and the implications are scary

Novel 3-D printing method embeds sensing capabilities within robotic actuators

Inspired by our bodies’ sensory capabilities, researchers have developed a platform for creating soft robots with embedded sensors that can sense movement, pressure, touch, and even temperature.

Novel 3-D printing method embeds sensing capabilities within robotic actuators

Researchers at Harvard University have built soft robots inspired by nature that can crawl, swim, grasp delicate objects and even assist a beating heart, but none of these devices has been able to sense and respond to the world around them.

The Faces of Maker Faire Kuwait

A sand sculpture of a mosque, a beach cleaning robot, an underwater robot for monitoring oil spills in the ocean, wooden models of the traditional sailing boat known as a dhow, a proof of concept for an air conditioner that uses ceramic tiles to reduce…

Replicating an Ancient Pump Drill

Chris from Clickspring recreates the type of push drill that was likely used to fabricate the ancient Antikythera Mechanism .
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