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Month: June 2017

Robotics | IoT

June 2017 fundings, acquisitions and IPOs

June, 2017 saw two robotics-related companies get $50 million each and 17 others raised $248 million for a monthly total of $348 million. Acquisitions also continued to be substantial with SoftBank’s acquisition of Google’s robotic properties Boston Dynamics and Schaft plus two others acquisitions. UPDATED 7/4/2017: Added acquisition of OC Robotics by GE Aviation. Fundings Drive.ai raised $50 million…

Is Genesis Robotics’ direct drive the solution roboticists have been waiting for?

At Hannover Messe this May, Canadian startup Genesis Robotics introduced an actuator they claimed could change the world of robotics and the whole area of motion control in cars, robots and even bicycles. They said their new LiveDrive will replace traditional gears and is particularly well suited for robots because of its precision, power, controllability and…

Tips of the Week: Enlarging Washers, Gaffer’s Tape Patterns, Screw Identifying Tools

Identifying your fasteners, making patterns with gaffer’s tape, burning marks in wood, and more on zip tie cutting.

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Simulated Car Demo

Reposted from the OSRF Blog We are excited to show off a simulation of a Prius in Mcity using ROS Kinetic and Gazebo 8. ROS enabled the simulation to be developed faster by using existing software and libraries. The vehicle’s…

Chip Hall of Fame: Tripath Technology TA2020 Audio Amplifier

This solid-state, high-power amp brought big sound to inexpensive devices

Chip Hall of Fame: Acorn Computers ARM1 Processor

Reading this on a smartphone? Then you’re using a direct descendant of this processor right now

Chip Hall of Fame: Atmel ATmega8

The chip at the heart of the original Arduino was created by two annoyed students

Chip Hall of Fame: Sun Microsystems SPARC Processor

Using an unproven new architecture, this processor put Sun Microsystems on the map

Chip Hall of Fame: Intersil ICL8038 Waveform Generator

Intersil’s somewhat cranky chip brought complex sound generation to consumer electronics

Chip Hall of Fame: Signetics NE555

A humble timer chip that became the Swiss Army knife of countless circuits