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Month: April 2017

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Electric Vehicles Are on the Rise: Here’s How to Sustain Their Growth

The struggle for electric vehicles to gain legitimacy in a world dominated by supersized SUVs and overbearing big rigs is something of a David and Goliath story. The underdog just landed a blow right between the eyes of America’s major car manufacturers. In April, Tesla became the most valuable automaker in the US, passing General […]

This Week in Making: Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, Mad Max Mobiles, and Double Action Keyboard

Make Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver, watch a Little Tykes’ Cozy Coupe go Mad Max, and never worry about hitting your caps lock ever again.
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4 Ways Chemistry Is Making Our Food Safer, Better, and More Abundant

Although food scientists often explore new technologies to reduce the percentage of hungry people in the world today, many also have future-oriented mindsets and look at possibilities that could solve food challenges for future generations. Recently, there have been fascinating advances in the chemistry sector that could make progress toward that goal. Paper-based test for […]

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through April 29)

BRAIN Facebook Launches “Moon Shot” Effort to Decode Speech Direct From the Brain Larry Greenemeier | Scientific American “If all goes according to plan—and that’s a big if—Building 8’s neural prosthetic would strap onto a person’s head, use an optical technique to decode intended speech and then type those thoughts on a computer or smartphone […]

Weekend Watch: The Mesmerizing Timelapse of Machine Embroidery

Watching timelapse videos of embroidered designs come to life is almost as fun as learning how to do it yourself!
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Watch This Robot 3D Print a Building Out of Spray Foam

This MIT robot can autonomously build a giant dome

Watch This Robot 3D Print a Building Out of Spray Foam

This MIT robot can autonomously build a giant dome

Filament Friday: “Silk Like” Filament Gives Glossy Prints

Everyone at my hackerspace kept asking what filament I’d used for a print I’d made with Silk Like, because it gives off a shiny lustrous texture that turns heads.

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As DJI dominates camera and commercial drone sales, drone funding falls

According to AgFunder’s 2016 AgTech Investing Report (supported by The Robot Report’s own research), 2016 drone funding fell 64% from 2015 levels. Also, the type of companies getting funded were sensor, payload and analytics-based add-ons or service-providing companies rather than drone makers.

In 2015, according to AgFunder, the largest drone deal was DJI’s $75 million followed by 3D Robotics’ $64 million. In 2016, the largest deal was 3D Robotics’ $27 million and the majority of drone tech deals closed during the year were seed stage (15 out of 25), whereas there was an even split between late and seed stage deals in 2015.

The Robot Report’s year-end article: 2016 best year ever for funding robotics startup companies included 27 UAS deals. The largest was for $43.8 million to a meds drone delivery service, Zipline International. The 2nd largest was $30 million to Airware, to fund their acquisition of Redbird (a French drone-powered analytics provider) and development of a set of technology systems to plan, fly, and analyze aerial data – particularly valuable for insurance adjusters and contractors. Then came 3D Robotics’ $27 million which helped them wind down and reconfigure themselves from a drone maker to a drone services provider.

The mix of companies receiving funding in 2016 was different than in 2015 where the big money went to drone makers: DJI ($75M) 3D Robotics ($64M), Yuneec Electric Aviation ($60M), Ehang ($44M), and CyPhy Works ($25.4M).

2017 fundings continue the 2016 pattern: Drone Delivery raised $8.1M to further their depot to depot delivery system, Flytrex raised $3M to manufacture drone components, Flirty, a medicine and food delivery drone startup got $16M, Measure got $15M for their drones-as-a-service company for insurers, AirMap got $26M for a real-time air traffic management system, Dedrone got $15M for a drone tracking system, Airware raised an additional but undisclosed sum and Arbe Robotics got $2.5M for a real-time drone mapping system. No drone makers in the lot!

Shenzhen DJI Innovations

DJI is by far the leading quadcopter maker in the world. At a recent drone trade show, most of the booths that displayed multi-rotor drones doing specialized tasks used DJI drones to demonstrate their products. As drones are becomming less of a flying camera and hobby and more to provide commercial and industrial services, DJI is still leading the pack.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, DJI is valued at $10 billion and makes 60-65% of all non-military drones. DJI designs, prototypes and manufacturers all their products in their own factories in Shenzhen and all their sub-contractors are in Shenzhen as well. Thus they control the supply chain and can produce new drones every 6 months thereby whipping the competition. Very Apple-like (after which they pattern themselves).

Nevertheless, even DJI has seen the change from drone-making to providing meaningful services with drones. It’s tough to maintain momentum with just hardware no matter how good it is. 

DJI, while continuing to develop new products and upgraded versions of their drones, has suffered the same limitations as other makers and service providers: limited battery life, regulations regarding line of sight and autonomy, connectivity issues, image processing and analysis, limited payload capacity and the commoditization of drones themselves. But, as Paul Turner, CEO of AgDNA wrote recently on Medium:

“Once drones are able to take off autonomously, scan a field [or object], upload data, recharge and continue operation without human intervention — this will be a game changer.”

We’re almost there.

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Video Friday: Friendly Cobot, Drone Swarms, and Robotic Recycling

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