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Month: June 2015

Robotics | IoT

Parrot Unveils a Hydrofoil Drone

The French company takes to the water for the first time as it shows off upgrades to its line of mini-drones

Building the Bricasso Lego Mosaic Printer

Jason Alleman, aka JK Brickworks, has done some very impressive Lego projects over the years, but this might be his coolest yet. Introducing the “Bricasso,” an all-Lego mosaic printer which can scan a piece of art and then re-create it usin…

What Turing Himself Said About the Imitation Game

The mathematician and cryptanalyst explained his famous test of computer intelligence during two BBC radio broadcasts in the early 1950s

Arduino-Controlled Butterfly Wings and More at Kansas City Maker Faire 2015

The handsome and stately Union Station yet again provided a fantastic venue for Kansas City’s Maker Faire this past weekend for its fifth annual event. Continuing its growth year after year, the 2015 Faire brought together an incredible number o…

What’s the Meaning of Life If Society Doesn’t Need You Any Longer?

If you have a job, odds are society benefits from your work, and theoretically, the compensation you receive is how the marketplace values your contribution. All other things being equal, the better you… read more
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Startup designs the first flushable, eco-friendly pregnancy test

liaLia is an innovative redesign of the traditional pregnancy test created with sustainability and privacy in mind.

Wise Words with Nick Wheeler

nickwheelerWe spoke to Nick Wheeler, founder of Charles Tyrwhitt and director at The White Company.

When the Toaster Shares Your Data With the Refrigerator, the Bathroom Scale, and Tech Firms

Your toaster will soon talk to your toothbrush and your bathroom scale. They will all have a direct line to your car and to the health sensors in your smartphone…. read more
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Falcon 9 Explosion Is Second Setback for Unlucky Student Space Scientists

While the loss of yesterday’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket may cause major headaches for NASA, the Dragon also carried other payloads built by numerous high school and middle school students.
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A Maker’s Introduction to Ham Radio

You may have heard about amateur or “ham” radio from a friend or maybe one of the members in your Makerspace is a ham. What is ham radio and what does it offer you? First, you’re a Maker, so you already have a lot in common with the ham radio [&h…