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Month: March 2015

Robotics | IoT

“Anyone who focuses on technology hasn’t grasped how autonomous driving will change our society”

The way that consumers interact with cars as well as the way that they operate cars will transform most…

2015’s Top Ten Tech Cars: Toyota Mirai

Doubling down on hydrogen fuel cells

These Mesmerizing, Morphing Chandeliers Move Like Jellyfish

This project transforms overhead lighting into kinetic sculptures. Studio Drift, an art and design studio in Amsterdam, has created the silken, flowery “Shylights.” When raised to the ceiling these lights are retracted in their cocoon-like containe…

Bring the Thunder: Build a Simple Sound Effects Tube

You never know when you’re going to need to make an impressive rumbling noise. Maybe you’re putting on a play and need some sound effects. Maybe you just want to make your neighbors really curious about what the heck you’re doing. No …

As drone use flourishes, the FAA waivers, and Amazon is forced offshore

Funding continues to flow to drone ventures worldwide even as news from the FAA suggests many years bef…

Soft, energy-efficient robotic wings

Researchers have discovered a new resonance phenomenon in a dielectric elastomer rotary joint that can make the artificial joint bend up and down, like a flapping wing.

Signs Virtual Reality and Crowdfunding Are Going Mainstream

Three exciting developments — that I believe you should know about — happened in technology this week. In this blog, I want to share them with you and give you context. Pebble Time… read more

New Project: Emergency Lighting System

I am going to show you how to build a DIY emergency lighting system that will automatically turn on when the power goes out
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A robot prepared for self-awareness: Expanded software architecture for walking robot Hector

A year ago, researchers showed that their software endowed the walking robot Hector with a simple form of consciousness. Their new research goes one step further: they have now developed a software architecture that could enable Hector to see himself a…

Bots Enjoy Night Out at Robot Nightlife Event

Humans and robots alike came out in droves to celebrate the robot-themed installment of the California Academy of Sciences’ weekly Nightlife event. In addition to the Academy’s regular aquarium, planetarium, and rainforest exhibits, attendees enjoy…