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Month: November 2014

Robotics | IoT

The Long Road to Maxwell’s Equations

How four enthusiasts helped bring the theory of electromagnetism to light

Ozobot, Knightscope, Hibot and Airware all get funded

Four interesting funding announcements: Ozobot got $2 million; HiBot got $3.1; Knightscope got $3.7 and…

How to Detect an Exoplanet With a DSLR

You don’t need a high-powered telescope to spot the signature of an alien world

DIY Exoplanet Detector

You don’t need a high-powered telescope to spot the signature of an alien world

IEEE Spectrum: The Greatest Hits

These articles capture what has made Spectrum special

Startups Get the Kinks Out of Drones, Online Shopping, Mobile GPS and Other Techs

Demo 2014 wasn’t about revolutionary technologies; it was about fixing the ones we’ve got

NTSB Decision Defining "Aircraft" as Anything That Flies Lacks Common Sense

FAA regulations found to apply to “any device that is used for flight.” Does that include paper airplanes too?

An ‘eel-lectrifying’ future for autonomous underwater robots

Scientists have developed and built a prototype for an eel-like robotic fish to be operable remotely, small, sophisticated and intelligent enough to operate autonomously underwater. A new form of central pattern generator model is presented, by which t…

Co-robots team up with humans

Charlie Kemp is giving robots common sense. And that’s good news for Californian Henry Evans.

Can China Turn Carbon Capture into a Water Feature?

Presidents Obama and Xi pledged this month, in their historic carbon emissions deal, to develop novel carbon storage technology enabling CO2 capture plants to generate their own industrial water supply