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Month: August 2014

Robotics | IoT

Artist creates tribute to the Lord of the Rings with stained glass lamp

Artist designs Lord of the Rings lamp using the age-old art form of stained glass.
The lamp has three scenes, with each side but the face representing the trilogy.
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Detecting Electrons with Weekend Projects

Sniff out electrons and sense static charge with the Non-Contact Voltage Detector. Built it into an enclosure on perfboard or quickly prototype the circuit on breadboard to experiment with this classic Weekend Project!Read more on MAKE

3D Printed Foldable Head Mounted Display

The $80 Head Mounted Display was made with 3D printed frames and component housing modules with the optics bought from eBay.
They are fully adjustable and function with Android or Linux-based mobile devices.
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A Raspberry Pi powered underwater ROV at Maker Faire Trondheim

There was a second underwater ROV at Maker Faire Trondheim today. This one came with added water, and was powered by a Raspberry Pi.Read more on MAKE

Man turns unused basement room into a log cabin replica

Designer turns drab unused room into a faux log cabin using $107 in materials.
The idea was to turn the room into a 50’s-era hunting cabin with décor to match.
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Rune wirelessly rocking Maker Faire Trondheim

Originally prototyped using an Arduino, Aalberg Audio’s guitar delay pedal and Bluetooth LE remote control now looks like a product, not a prototype.Read more on MAKE

A new type of 3D printer at Maker Faire Trondheim

After a while all 3D printers start to the look the same, but there are a few that are different. I talked to Simen from Polarworks about their upcoming Alta printer.Read more on MAKE

Google Cardboard and Go Pro mix it up at Maker Faire Trondheim

What happens when you mix a “Google Cardboard”-style viewer with with a Go Pro spherical camera mount?Read more on MAKE

Nepchune’s Noise Circus: Learning with Noise at Maker Faire Orlando

Chuck Stephens is an artist, musician, hardware hacker and small boat builder who specializes in the use of recycled, repurposed and salvaged materials. Exhibiting at Maker Faire Orlando as Nepchune’s Noise Circus, Chuck says noise circuits provided…

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