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Month: July 2014

Robotics | IoT

New Project: Internet Speedometer

Track the speed of all the bits and bytes that pass over your local area network and transform that data into blinking tricolor LEDs, powered by the BeagleBone Black.Read more on MAKE

MAKE’s “3D Printing Review Weekend” Begins in Ohio!

The Make: magazine crew has landed in Youngstown, Ohio and we are busy setting up 23 3D printers for review! Led by our Digital Fabrication Editor, Anna Kaziunas France, (and 17 testers from around the world) we will start testing Friday morning, and …

Stories Behind the Apps: Trunx

Greetings CitizenTekk readers. We want to briefly introduce this new feature Stories Behind the Apps, where we will be interviewing mobile app developers on the process, pains and pleasures in creating their apps. We hope that this series gives some …..

Raspberry Pi HAT Specification Released

Arduino has shields. BeagleBone has capes. And now Raspberry Pi has HATs. The Raspberry Pi Foundation officially announced their specification for add-on boards for their new Model B+ single board computer, which just started shipping. HAT stands for &…

Frank Malina: America’s Forgotten Rocketeer

How Malina and his unlikely team of researchers and enthusiasts laid the foundation for the U.S. space program

R2-Beer2: Old Fridge Turned Into Star Wars Kegerator

  Attention Star Wars fans! Attention beer fans!  Introducing: R2-Beer2. The Kegerator. The wonderful world of Imgur has once again proven that with an idea, a little determination, and some hard work, you can make all your nerdy dreams come true…

Gaza Power Station Wrecked

The Gaza Strip’s only power station could be down for a year

Smart tag for bras can detect heart attacks

lifetipCurrently seeking funding on Indiegogo, LifeTip is a tag that can be attached to bras in order to detect heart attacks and immediately alert emergency services.

Art and science come together to reinvent the wheel – robot wheel

The Japanese art of paper folding is a difficult one to master, involving taking a 2D sheet of paper and transforming it into 3D shapes. For most of us, three folds are the maximum number we normally handle ─ usually only done when we have to send a …

Self-editing video automatically cuts out the boring bits

Photo: Sebastian Horndasch/FlickrLiveLight uses machine learning and algorithms to automatically edit video reels into a montage of the most interesting clips.