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Month: June 2014

Robotics | IoT

Google’s Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

Google debuts minimalist virtual reality and lets you build your own from a pizza box

Nathan Myhrvold’s Recipe for a Better Oven

We cook our food using technology invented to bake bricks. We can do a lot better

In case of a fashion emergency, mobile wardrobe delivers new threads to any location

closetsosCosta Rican campaign Closet S.O.S. is delivering a mini store on wheels to anyone in need of a new outfit at the last minute.

This machine is a portable coffee maker and flask in one

heyjoecoffeeHey Joe Coffee is a portable coffee machine that can make a fresh cup anywhere at the push of a button, and doubles as a flask to drink it from.

Site connects brands with individual journalists to help them get press

justreachoutJustReachOut is helping businesses to eschew PR firms by connecting them directly to the most relevant media contacts.

Help Us Find Today’s Unsung Engineering Heroes

Know a hero? Then let us know

Where Are Today’s Engineering Heroes?

By failing to celebrate its finest contributors, the profession risks far more than mere obscurity

Video Monday: Curiosity’s First Martian Year, Android Newscasters, and Baxter Gets a Promotion

We heard you missed Video Friday, and so did we, so here’s a Video Monday to make up for it

That Toy Is Now a Drone, Says the FAA

A Federal Aviation Administration announcement makes video-piloted models subject to regulation

California, Texas Hit New Records for Renewables on the Grid

The records keep breaking