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Month: May 2014

Robotics | IoT

Building robots and rockets with Javascript

The web developers are coming, and they’re bringing Javascript frameworks that let you build robots and rockets more easily.Read more on MAKE

How Much Bot Would a Drawbot Draw if a Drawbot Could Draw Bot?

Servo motors are a popular component in maker projects. Watch how we used two – without the aid of a micocontroller – to power the TRS Drawbot, the latest addition to our beginner-friendly electronics series of Weekend Projects.Read more on MAKE

Air Quality Sensors: How Good is Good Enough?

Citizens can help inform science with low-cost sensors and instruments, as long as the quality of the measurements is good enough.Read more on MAKE

4th Annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire Next Weekend

It’s going to be action-packed and filled with maker spirit!Read more on MAKE

Your Very Own Holodeck? castAR Brings It Within Reach

castAR bridges the gap between the physical world and the virtual world by combining projected augmented reality, true virtual reality, and true augmented reality in a magical pair of glasses.Read more on MAKE

Video Friday: Inflatable Robots, Walk Again Project, and Nao at School

So. Many. Robot. Videos. For. You

Grant Imahara’s Ten Favorite Robot Building Blocks

When I think about all my builds over the years, I find there are a few components I use over and over again — kind of like my own personal Lego set.Read more on MAKE

A Hospital Mini Maker Faire

  Let’s Make Health! That’s was the banner under which we all flew Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at the Maimonides Medical Center Mini Maker Faire in Brooklyn. Fifty years ago, in that same hospital, Dr. Adrian Kantrowitz used modified ele…

Dan Royer’s Robot Arms

  Dan Royer makes many things, right now he’s most excited about robot arms. When he told me this at MakerCon, I had a moment of skepticism. What is so exciting about robot arms? Haven’t they been around forever? I think I had one made…

Quantum Dot Solar Cells Break Conversion Efficiency Record

MIT researchers get 9-percent conversion efficiency out of quantum dot solar cells produced through solutions processes