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Month: March 2014

Robotics | IoT

Makerland Conference: An Attendee’s Perspective

A maker tells all. Read more on MAKE

Enter to Win a Thranduil Crown

To rule the woodland realm, you have to look the part. Read more on MAKE

Robots Bring Couple Together, Engagement Ensues

Yes, you really can find love at an IEEE robotics conference

Hacking a Vintage Belt Sander

Swapping out the motor of an old belt sander to create a precision finish sander.Read more on MAKE

Nissan Recalls Nearly 1 Million Cars for Air Bag Software Fix

Also, Iowa mayor asks why return money from software error as Maryland abandons state’s ACA website

Ice cream offers a musical accompaniment with each lick

likestraLickestra is an art performance featuring ice cream that acts as a musical instrument when it’s licked.

$20 Robot From MIT Wins AFRON Design Challenge

Just $20.27 will get you a 3D printed, Arduino-based, fully programmable robot

Improve Your Management Standards and Surpass the Growing Economy

The UK economy is predicted to grow by 2.2% in 2014, and the Service sector looks like it will be the top performer. Good news perhaps, but now is certainly not the time for any business to be complacent. Whatever … Read More

Visit CitizenTekk to re…

Customizable jewelry range features a smart rape alarm

cuffCuff is a collection of stylish jewelry products that come with a discreet and detachable Bluetooth module that, when pressed, lets friends and family know if wearers are in trouble.

A fashion agency for alternative models

antiagencyAnti-Agency offers a roster of unusual, creative and punky models to give fashion campaigns a more ‘real’ edge.