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Month: January 2014

Robotics | IoT

Afinia Responds to Stratasys II: You Failed To Disclose Old Patents, Printers

Today, Afinia took another big shot at Stratasys’ 3D printing patents. In its amended response, Afinia attempted to bolster its claim in three ways: with further evidence that Stratasys was using its patents to monopolize the market, with evidence th…

Optimize Your Startup Work Strategy

Building a startup is hard. If you’re lucky enough to have funding, you’re in a race against your runway. You need to show some serious traction before you can refill the bank. Bootstrappers need to work even harder against potentially … …

Why These Mobile App Trends Have Failed

The mobile app industry is something to look out for as recent studies have indicated that mobile usage has increased 115% in 2013.  With such high stakes – the next round of mobile apps that succeed are expected to raise … Read More

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All This Week: The Connected Home, the Internet of Things, and a Contest!

Monday, Feb. 3, MAKE kicks off a week of projects, news, articles, and inspiration all about the “connected home”, how the Internet of Things and smart appliances are connecting us in new ways to where where we live, eat, and sleep. We’ll also be runni…

Maker Pro Newsletter – 01/30/14

“History repeats itself, but never in the same way.” From the editors of MAKE magazine, the Maker Pro Newsletter is about the impact of makers on business and technology. Our coverage includes hardware startups, new products, incubators, an…

Olaf Breuning’s Snow Drawing

If you happen to have a lot of snow and food coloring on your hands at the moment, then you might consider turning you local slopes into a canvas like artist Olaf Breuning did with this recent work called Snow Drawing.Read more on MAKE

Google Makes Lego Even Cooler

A partnership between Google and Lego has ushered in a new age of virtual block-play: Build with Chrome. Read more on MAKE

Donald Christiansen and the Making of IEEE Spectrum

How a former engineer left his mark on magazine journalism

Video Friday: Hacked Anki Drive, Cereal Arms, and Rocket Launching Drones

It’s Friday, and you know what that means: Must. Watch. Robot. Videos.

Platform lets anyone play real NFL superstars at Madden (or Call of Duty)

overdogOverDog is offering sports fans perhaps the ultimate dream — the opportunity to (virtually) beat pro athletes at their own game.