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Month: November 2013

Robotics | IoT

Invasion of the Christmas Robots

Give the gift of robotic ornaments this holiday season! You can make these cool little LED ornaments that light up when the lights go out.Read more on MAKE

Conversations with a SANDF Colonel

The UAV Challenge team and the Aurora team are traveling with the South African National Defense Forces (SANDF) to the Mozambique border. On that 2 hour drive to the forward camp I had the chance to speak with a Colonel and Lieutenant about counter poa…

Droids dance, dogs nuzzle, humanoids speak at Madrid robot museum

A white robotic beagle sits wagging its tail and nuzzling anyone who pets it, while six pint-sized robots, flashing blue, pump their fists as they dance to the pop hit “Gangnam Style”.

Anatomy of a Competitive Analysis

While a competitive analysis should be a core part of a business plan for any organization — big or small — it holds a particular significance to startups and small businesses. By obtaining this type of insight into the specific … Read More


Listening to BBC Radio 4 With Your Raspberry Pi

Earlier in the year Andrew Back picked up a vintage 1950’s extension speaker from a flea market. He thought it was ideal to convert into a Raspberry Pi radio, one that receives only BBC Radio 4.Read more on MAKE

Starting Today: FREE Shipping in the Shed!

We’re kicking off our holiday season at the Maker Shed with free domestic shipping on almost every item!  Enjoy free shipping not just today, but Saturday and Sunday as well – just use code FRIDAY at checkout.Read more on MAKE

App turns smartphone owners into film crew members

filmcrewFilm Crew enables professional filmmakers to crowdsource smartphone footage from anyone wanting to join the crew and earn a credit.


How William Shockley’s Robot Dream Helped Launch Silicon Valley

The physicist envisioned robots replacing human workers

Knuckle duster-shaped umbrella handle lets users text on the go

brollytimeBrolly’s distinctive umbrella handle has been designed to enable owners to stay dry and use their smartphone at the same time.


More than a Dozen New Drone Products in the Maker Shed

No category has ever expanded more rapidly in Maker Shed history than the recently-added Drones and Flight category. We’ll continue adding items to the category in anticipation of the launch of Volume 37 of Make Magazine, which will focus on Drones, bu…