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Month: October 2013

Robotics | IoT

Mini Hoth Luke and Tauntaun

Intrepid papa and maker Paco Allen spent three months crafting this awesome Hoth Luke costume, complete with homemade Tauntaun, for his four-year-old daughter. All the parts were either entirely made from scratch or customized. We asked him to share so…

New Project: Beatband Sleeve

Build an Arduino clone using the MintDuino and then program it to visualize your heartbeat in combination with the Pulse Sensor AMPed. The five LEDs mounted to the lid of the tin will flash in sync with your heartbeat’s rhythm. Does your heartbeat spee…

Exploding Pumpkins and Homemade Clouds With Science Bob

Jimmy Kimmel’s resident maker Science Bob conducted some live experiments on television recently and it reminded some of us around the MAKE water cooler of his stage presentations at New York’s World Maker Faire back in September.Read more on MAKE

Climate Monster Found Lurking in Ocean Depths

Analysis of tiny creatures indicates drastically more heat storage in last 60 years

Roller Coaster Flexes the Technic Bricks

Brick Ride’s Lego Technic roller coaster includes both a loop and a corkscrew.Read more on MAKE

Our Mission: Hack to Learn, Hack to Imagine, Hack to Share

What are Robot Hacks? We’re creating live online participatory events for the MAKE community, and re-making what it means for you to take part. Our new Maker Session concept includes video presentations by Master Makers with opportunities for you to…

Best Day of the Dead Costume Ever

We spied this amazing Day of the Dead costume online today. The dress is skillfully made of “cups, plates, and plastic utensils,” and it looks like the suit is made of garbage bags. Not sure how “recycled” the materials are, but…

New Project: Transfer the MintDuino from Breadboard to Perfboard

The MintDuino kit is a fantastic project to help you learn the basic circuitry of an Arduino clone, but it is not mechanically sturdy enough for most projects. This breadboard-to-perfboard project will provide a solution to make your MintDuino as stron…

Offshore Wind Farms Just Need a Little Stagger to Generate More Power

A new approach to spacing offshore wind turbines could significantly increase capacity

Cloudify Your Business with Google Docs & MS Office Web Apps

If you are the average small to medium sized business (SMB/SME) owner or manager who needs to decide on what type of office document management system to adopt or transition to, the major factors in your decision should be cost, … Read More

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