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Month: June 2013

Robotics | IoT

San Francisco Fine Art: The Making of the Bay Lights


Artist Leo Villareal, along with colleagues Amy Critchett, and Saeed Shahmirzai came to Maker Faire Bay Area this year to discuss their work on the Bay Lights project, an art piece that uses 25,000 animated LEDs across the entire 1.8 mile sp…

James Carrott Talks the World of Steampunk Culture

James Carrott, cultural historian and author of the book Vintage tomorrows, speaks about steampunk and how the makers met the “imaginers”.Read more on MAKE

James Carrott Talks About the World of Steampunk Culture

What do you get when you cross a historian with a technology futurist? I don’t know, but when the two get together for a beer, they discover that the past and the future are really not that different after all.Read more on MAKE

Unclean at Any Speed

Electric cars don’t solve the automobile’s environmental problems

Move over Messi, here come the robots

With the score tied 1-1, it’s gone to a penalty shootout in a tense soccer match between teams from Israel and Australia. As the Australian goalkeeper in his red jersey braces for the shot, the Israeli striker pauses. Then he breaks into a dance instea…

2 cute robots: one funded by Japan’s Space Agency the other by Kickstarter

… Japan’s cute talking robot will take off August 4th for the Space Station. Kirobo, a 13” 2# mini-humanoid robot remembers faces, can move its head and arms, and is expected to help keep company and have conversations with the Japanese a…

Maker Faire Kansas City: Day One!

Thousands visited Kansas City’s remarkable Union Station for the 3rd annual Maker Faire Kansas City today. Union Station is a dauntingly gorgeous venue but the makers stole the show, sharing mad skills, good humor and dedication.Read more on MAKE

Tech Talent Wars and The .EDU Disconnect

The statistics are startling and the chatter is consistent: companies everywhere are struggling to find Software Engineers. The headlines ring hilarious, but true, declaring ‘Talent Wars’ across the tech sector. The number of open engineering roles…

The Truth About Edward Snowden and the NSA

Behind the walls of Fort Meade, powerful technologies lurk – technology awesome in its power but which can become terrifying if turned against you.
Remember the scene from Batman where he has an entire city’s cellphones monitored? …

Beautiful Clockwork Woodcraft Projects

German maker Christopher Blasius sent us the link to his wonderful projects that use some easy-to-build mechanisms to run whimsical clockwork toys.Read more on MAKE