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Month: March 2013

Robotics | IoT

Epic Building Defrost

Chicago’s Fulton Market Cold Storage Company was housed in a 10-story building in the meatpacking district for 90 years until last July, when they decided to move to a warehouse in the suburbs. The building was sold to bike component manufacturer…

Win $1K in Prizes for Your Pi Project

The first ever Raspberry Pi Design Contest is challenging makers to build something novel that includes the Pi single-board computer. And one lucky maker will win a Printrbot Jr. 3D printer for their build!Read the full article on MAKE

MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

This week in the MAKE Flickr pool we saw…
Read the full article on MAKE

Decorating Eggs With the EggLathe

Chris Connors is a master of low-tech making, and he’s built this “poor maker’s Eggbot” — an EggLathe. This EggLathe was built of laser cut corrugated plastic, and is an early iteration of the design. The first parts were …

MAKE’s Annual Peeps Roundup

We have a tradition here at MAKE of celebrating the arrival of Spring (and Easter Sunday) with a survey of the latest and greatest in Peeps use (and abuse). People seem more interested in doing silly and bizarre things with Marshmallow Peeps than eatin…

UZH Wishes Us All a Happy Robot Easter

It’s a Robot Easter in Zurich, a robots are teaming up to celebrate

Year-to-date Robo-Stox™ Results

… The robotics industry as a whole appears to have fully recovered from the stock market crash in 2008 and, in most cases, has returned to or surpassed their highs of 2007.
… Some of the country-by-country results are slightly skewed because of dra…

April Fools’ Prank Inspirations

Still looking for that diabolical prank for April Fools’ Day? Maybe these cool tricks will inspire you. If you want to learn more, reference the following links: Misbehaving Shadow HP Printer Hack Chia Keyboard Critical Error Miniature Beeping Ci…

Let’s Talk About Hashtags

Twitter continues to spawn new social practices, and new words to talk about them

Babystepping Towards the Holodeck

Sci-fi fans have grown up dreaming of stepping into a virtual world that’s indistinguishable (in sensual terms) from this one. Just load up a program and you’re in different a time, or another world. As technology has advanced, we’ve …