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Month: December 2012

Robotics | IoT

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013 from IEEE Spectrum Automaton, with a look back at 2012 and forward at the year ahead

Happy New Year!

Dear robots and the humans who love them,
Welcome to 2013. This is the year when everything is going to happen. We can confidently predict that just about every single day (weekday, at least), we'll have something new and amazing and robotic-y…

Best of 2012: Projects from the Pages of MAKE Magazine

Looking back on 2012, it’s hard to believe we’ve been producing MAKE magazine for eight years now! I remember working on Volume 01 back in 2005 and the excitement of launching something so new and renegade. DIY is thankfully a part of mains…

Turntable Spins 3D Printed Record

We all have to start somewhere. Even though Amanda Ghassaei’s 3D printed records clock in at a sample rate of 11 khz and 5-6 bit resolution, the tracks produced are clearly recognizable, albeit shrouded in some noise.Read the full article on MAKE

Processional Paper Lanterns

Over 800 people participated in Morningside Lights in September, as part of a weeklong arts event that concluded with a procession of many dozen paper lanterns through a public park in NYC.Read the full article on MAKE

Best of 2012: 10 Most Popular Posts of the Year

What proves to be popular on the MAKE blog is always hard to predict. You put something up that you think will break big, and it fizzles, and then you post something you think is just kinda cool and it goes viral. Here are the top ten most popular post…

Why Smart Glasses Might Not Make You Smarter

A Q&A with wearable-computer pioneer Steve Mann

Google Glass Features and Apps Still in Flux

Babak Parviz, head of the Google Glass project, hints at what to expect next

Japanese Security Firm Will Rent Surveillance Drones

The security company plans to rent out a private drone that takes off when intruder alarms are tripped and records footage of break-ins as they happen. The helicopter-like device is equipped with a small surveillance camera. The machine with four sets …

Kerry and Climate

Choice of new U.S. Secretary of State could affect policy