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Month: October 2012

Robotics | IoT

New Web Map of Everything Robotic

Robotics Alley has revealed the first searchable, crowdsourced map of the rapidly growing global robotics industry. Already containing more than 1,300 robotics-related organizations, TheRoboticsMap.com unites best practices from open-source intelligenc…

British Petroleum Gets Out of Next-Generation Ethanol

It’s back to petroleum for BP, once a self-styled green star

The 3D Building Byte Project

Architect Brian Peters has made a desktop 3D printer produce ceramic bricks for building architectural structures. Noting that he has been working with desktop 3D printers for a few years and wanted to use them on a greater architectural scale, Peters …

Virtual reality puts human in rat world: ‘Beaming’ technology transforms human-animal interaction

Using cutting-edge virtual reality technology, researchers have “beamed” a person into a rat facility allowing the rat and human to interact with each other on the same scale.

The Future of Robotics in U.S. and Japan

Japan has been traditionally the world’s main innovator in robotics and its application in many serious industries. Yet in the past decade, the United States has greatly increased its role in this complex field of technology. Given the rise of the US…

Wave Glider transmits real time weather data during Hurricane Sandy

… One of Liquid Robotics’ Wave Gliders successfully piloted itself through Hurricane Sandy winds and transmitted weather data in real time.
… The Wave Glider was in the region 100 miles off the coast of New Jersey. It’s sensors reported…

New Robotic Surgery System Being Developed by Scientists

One of SSSA Biorobotics Institute’s biomedical engineers tells of a complex and minimally invasive surgical procedure that robots might soon be doing: “The robot enters the patient’s body via the navel. We firstly insert a small capsule. Then the two…

Hansen Medical stock (HNSN:NASDAQ) jumps 22%

… Intuitive Surgical updated their co-exclusive rights to certain of Hansen Medical‘s patent portfolio for a fee of $20 million. Intuitive also purchased $10 million of Hansen Medical’s stock.
… The deal extends a 2005 agreement and add…

Stutter Jumping Robot Requires Less Power

We love jumping robots, and not just because they're so much fun to watch. Jumping is also a great way to get around: it's far more efficient than flying, and much more versatile than driving or walking or crawling. Jumping robots do still …

Another Good Year for the North American Robotics Industry

North American based robotics companies have had another strong year with new orders up 20%, according to the latest statistics released by Robotic Industries Association (RIA), the industry’s trade group. The automotive OEM and component suppliers a…