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Month: September 2012

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That’s a Wrap!

The lights are out, the doors are locked, the diet coke is all mopped up or washed away, and the curtain has come down on the third annual World Maker Faire New York. WMFNY 2012 marks the fifteenth “flagship” Maker Faire since the very first event back in 2006. Warm and heartfelt thanks to all the makers, volunteers, visitors, sponsors, and staff at the New York Hall of Science for helping to make World Maker Faire New York 2012 one of the greatest Maker Faires ever, in spite of the rain! See you in seven months in San Mateo!

Homeland Security Wants Drones for Public Safety, Doesn’t Want to Tell Public About Them

Good news, everyone! The Department of Homeland Security, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that it would be kinda cool to have drones flying around to, you know, "protect the homeland." The Robotic Aircraft for Public Safety progr…

Jeri and Rob Smile for the Camera

Maker Hero Jeri Ellsworth and MAKE contributor Rob Giseburt mug for the camera inside of the Arduino pavilion.

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Maker Faire New York: Learn About Worms

Kids and adults alike are learning about the role worms play in our earth, courtesy of the NYC Compost Project. See how to keep worms in your home, in container bins, and turn food waste into reusable compost. Then, in turn, make compost cookies to be stuck on trees or […]

Maker Faire New York: House of Reboot

Eco-conscious clothing is becoming more popular, but Pennsylvania’s Michael Masterson of House of Reboot takes the eco title to another level. Michael was one of the exhibitors in BUST magazine’s”craftacular” section of Maker Faire New York. Not only does he source his wool, denim and other materials from surplus bolts […]

MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

This week in the MAKE Flickr pool we saw…

Maker Faire New York: Adam Matta, Human Beatbox

One of the coolest things I saw at Maker Faire New York was a performance by Tuvan throat singer Liron Peled and human beatbox artist Adam Matta. Tuvan throat singing is an ancient vocal technique practiced by the Tuva people of southern Siberia. Human beatboxing, imitating percussion sounds with the […]

Robot Sailboat to Conquer and Study Oceans

A professional engineer team is planning to build an entire fleet of autonomous sailing boats. They will be made to sail alone in order to explore the ocean, study the condition of the water, and gather different types of scientific empirical data. Thi…

Maker Faire New York: MATE Underwater Robots

In the West Courtyard, look for the large swimming pool surrounded by swarms of kids — that’s where you’ll find the PVC submersible robots of the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center (MATE), an organization funded by the National Science Foundation that puts on a competition of student-built underwater ROVs. They […]

Maker Faire New York: Geo-Skull

If you’re near the Maker Pavilion in Zone C, be sure to check out Geo-Skull, an awesome sculpture of a skull formed out of geometric shapes, almost like a geodesic sphere was combined with a human skull.
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