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Month: August 2012

Robotics | IoT

Tapping the Power of 100 Suns

Concentrated solar power will keep future armies on the march

Video Friday: Brain-Controlled Drones, Huggable Robobears, and Frikkin’ Robot Laser Snakes

This a robotic snake that SHOOTS A FRIKKIN' LASER OUT OF ITS FACE. What more could you POSSIBLY want on a Friday? Oh, you want lots more robot videos? Okay, we can do that too.Continue reading >>

TSMC’s Morris Chang Says No to Apple, Qualcomm

The independent semiconductor foundry’s autonomy is worth more than a billion dollars.

Argument Over the Value of Solar Focuses on Spain

Analysts disagree on whether the energy returned from solar is worth the energy invested

A whisker-inspired approach to tactile sensing

Inspired by the twitching whiskers of common rats and Etruscan shrews, researchers have developed rodent-like robots and an innovative tactile sensor system that could be used to help find people in burning buildings, make vacuum cleaners more efficien…

WeeBots: Driveable Robots for Babies Who Need Them

This is a WeeBot. It's one of the very few times it's okay to combine robots with babies, because a WeeBot is basically a way of turning a real baby into an unstoppable fusion of biology and engineering. Yes, we're talking about cy…

United States Sets Ambitious Long-Term Fuel Efficiency Standards

The new CAFE rules, besides cuttting oil consumpion, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Connoisseur of chaos

As a high school student in a Detroit suburb in the 1990s, Russ Tedrake did not fit the standard profile of a future computer science professor. Although he had a talent for math—”I won some of the little math competitions,” he says—he spent his sp…

Kinect@Home Wants to Start 3D Scanning the World

Back in January, Adept's Erin Rapacki told us all that it's time to start 3D scanning the world. We agree with her, but it's not an easy thing to actually go and, you know, do. There are approximately 975 bajillion different objects out…

Wave Glider Robot Takes On the Final Frontier in Hurricane Prediction

Liquid Robotics launches a Wave Glider to improve forecasts of hurricane intensity.