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Month: April 2012

Robotics | IoT

2012 Robotics H.S. Championships Energize Thousands

… 30,000+ fans, family, educators and industry leaders attended the 2012 FIRST Championship held in Atlanta, Georgia. More than 600 teams from 32 countries competed in the three levels of FIRST competitions.
… One week earlier, in Anaheim, Californ…

100 Years of the Institute of Radio Engineers

Looking back on a century of innovation, looking forward to the next

Conflict over Tech Looms for Car Makers and US Government

US DOT presses for cell phone ban as Ford says in-car technology makes it profitable

iRobot stock plunges again on Q1 earnings report… but then rebounds

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… After suffering a 33% price drop early February upon announcing that future governmental sales would be down because of DoD cutbacks and delays, iRobot drops another 6.5% when actual Q1 earnings were reported.
… Quarterly ea…

Demo Spring 2012: Just for Fun

An electric skateboard and a fantasy politics game aren’t going to change the world, but sometimes it’s enough to just have fun.

Demo Spring 2012: Simply Useful

Maybe not the highest tech, maybe not the most fun, but these Demo Spring 2012 companies launched software I really need.

John L. Hennessy: Risk Taker

Stanford University’s president predicts the death of the lecture hall as university education moves online

High-tech Diesel

Could advanced diesel cars and diesel hybids edge out more conventional electrified vehicles?

China’s Solar Price

We won’t know the real price of photovoltaics until a lot of dust settles

Robots fighting wars could be blamed for mistakes on the battlefield

Humans apply a moderate amount of morality and other human characteristics to robots that are equipped with social capabilities and are capable of harming humans, new findings show.