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Month: March 2012

Robotics | IoT

Your Favorite Stores Know You All Too Well

A Techwise Conversation with data-mining expert Eric Siegel

Whether grasping Easter eggs or glass bottles, this robotic hand uses tact

It may be difficult to imagine, but pouring juice into a plastic cup can be a great challenge to a robot. While one hand holds the glass bottle firmly, the other one must gently grasp the cup. Researchers have now developed a robotic hand that can acco…

‘Living’ micro-robot could detect diseases in humans

A tiny prototype robot that functions like a living creature is being developed which one day could be safely used to pinpoint diseases within the human body. Called ‘Cyberplasm’, it will combine advanced microelectronics with latest research in biomim…

GM Robo-Glove to help workers relieve hand stress

… One of the features of the GM/NASA co-development of Robonaut 2, the robotic assistant now residing in the space station, was the grasping capabilities of its hands.
… GM has now translated those robotic features to help factory workers reduce g…

The Poor Man’s Solder Reflow Oven

A cheap controller and a Walmart toaster oven kept the price down

“Robots Ate My Job” airs all week on PBS

… American Public Media’s ‘Marketplace’ has produced a 5-part audio series entitled ‘Robots Ate My Job.’
… The issue of jobs being displaced by automation is very topical. Many reputable sources are providing research …

Military Ground Robotics Displayed in San Diego

… Robots of all types were displayed at the Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference and Exhibition held in San Diego and sponsored by the National Defense Industrial Association and the DoD.
… Hits were Recon Robotics’ Scout XT, iRobot‘…

Military Still Doling Out Orders and Getting Attention for Drones and Robots

… AeroVironment gets $11.1 million order for hand-launched 4-pound Raven UAV. Same company makes the kamikaze drone (Switchblade) which explodes on impact and the hummingbird drone (Nano Air Vehicle) which was one of Time Magazine’s 50 New Inve…

A Mysterious Signature from 1902

Marconi, Graham Bell, Steinmetz—and Sanderson?

Closed vs. Open Source for Robotics?

… Impromptu debate at cocktail party in Lyon, France at Innorobo 2012 between Colin Angle of iRobot and Robert Bauer of Willow Garage and their opposing views on how to nurture profitable robotics businesses. Spirited and well-presented.
… Short v…