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Month: February 2012

Robotics | IoT

Stanford Names Eight Engineering Heroes

Inventor of first working laser, chief architect of Global Positioning System, among recipients

When a 3rd shift starts, 7.85 new jobs are created. What happens when a robot is deployed?

… A study commissioned by the Intl. Fed. of Robotics found that 3.6 jobs are created for every robot deployed. Click the image to enlarge.
… The logic is complicated and nets out jobs displaced against jobs saved by not moving offshore, but also sh…

Made by Apple in Name Only

Foxconn and other contract manufacturers earn most of the revenue but little of the profit

Did you know? 12,500 robot milking systems installed by Lely

… Lely, the world’s first robotic milking system provider, reached the 12,500 sales event in December.
… AgriNews recently featured an Albany farmer that uses the Lely system and describes the myriad benefits derived from its use. The system …

Kiva Systems Presents a Glimpse of Future Pick n’ Pack Fulfillment

… At the recent Modex 2012 in Atlanta, Kiva Systems’ booth featured a fully-functioning warehouse operation where attendees walked up and placed their orders on an iPad and then picked their order right from the Kiva system just seconds later.

Pocket Oscilloscope Review Roundup

We put three miniature oscilloscopes to the test

Turning a DIY Project into a Product

Making something for others, instead of yourself, poses different challenges

Robot obeys to commands and gestures

A robot helping in the household no longer is a dream of the future. ARMAR, the humanoid robot, can understand commands and execute them independently. For instance, it gets the milk out of the fridge. Thanks to cameras and sensors, it orients itself i…

Japanese Robotic Farming Experiment

… Japan just launched a $130 million (10 billion yen) robotic farming project on a 600 acre plot of land, It is hoped the 6 year experiment will rejuvenate the Japanese agricultural industry. Funding is from a consortium of farmers, high-tech manufac…

Seven adult-sized humanoid robots together for first time in the U.S.

Seven adult-sized humanoid robots took the stage during Drexel University’s celebration of National Engineers Week in a first-of-its-kind assembly of robotic technology. Their presence — together in one place — is a unique event.