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Month: January 2012

Robotics | IoT

Dream Jobs 2012: Designing Automation for Acrobats

Phillip Toussaint‘s computer code moves the scenery, props, and other gear that make magic for Cirque du Soleil and other extravaganzas

Dream Jobs 2012: P2P Politics

Ever since the Obama campaign, former AOL executive Jascha Franklin-Hodge has been using the Web to improve political campaigning

Dream Jobs 2012: Sports Geek

Athlete/engineer Antoine Ravisé finds his calling developing next-generation sports gear

Dream Jobs 2012: Quick-Draw Animator

Software creator Kevin Wang’s tools turn news stories into viral videos

Dream Jobs 2012: Rube Goldberg 2.0

Brent Bushnell is a jack-of-all-tech-trades with a whimsical take on real-world engineering

Dream Jobs 2012: Building a Hybrid-Electric, Unmanned Heliplane

The leader of Aerovel’s avionics design team, John Stafford, gravitates to small, informal companies

Dream Jobs 2012: Bridging Brazil’s Digital Divide

Brazilian engineer José Edimilson Canaes teaches people to turn the power of computers onto social problems

The Future of Chinese-manufactured Apple Products

… Two NY Times articles expose details about the treatment of 400,000+ Chinese workers involved in the production of Apple products: (1) In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad and (2) How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work.
… Editorial: Two sol…

Divergent Views on Communicating with Machines

… Most products at CES were demonstrating “smart” in that they are connected to the Internet, have sensors or AI that gather and process data and make decisions.
… The Apple iPad has already changed our expectations as to how we interac…

My kind of movie: Robot and Frank

… Shown at Sundance and starring Frank Langella, Susan Saradon, James Marsden and Liv Tyler.
… Offbeat buddy movie about an ex-jewel thief whose grown kids install a robot as his caretaker.