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Month: December 2011

Robotics | IoT

Two newsworthy examples of healthcare robots

… Children’s Hospital Boston sends Vgo telepresence robots home with post-op patients in a pilot program that includes the robots into its regular post-op care program. Doctors and nurses now have a direct line of communication and observation …

Google’s Response to Apple’s Siri: Buy Cleversense

… Cleversense, a learning AI with a natural language processing front-end – and the developer of the popular Alfred personal assistant app – has been sold to Google for an undisclosed amount.
… Fear that Apple’s Siri “could provide a new pa…

Google Gets Patent for Driverless Car

… Google was granted a US Patent “for transitioning a mixed-mode autonomous vehicle from a human driven mode to an autonomously driven mode.”
… Now comes the endless red tape over safety, negotiations with vehicle manufacturers, etc., t…

Robots in the Kitchen: Sooner Than You Think

… “James (a PR2 robot from Willow Garage) and Rosie (a custom lightweight two-armed robot from Kuka and DLR) aren’t specifically programmed with a “left, right, break egg, stir” type command set. They’re taught the ingre…

Iranians Hacked US Drone And Instructed It To Land In Iran

… In an exclusive to The Christian Science Monitor, an Iranian engineer describes how they hacked a U.S. military drone – a Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel – into landing at an Iranian airbase.
… First they cut off communications links and then rec…

Will there be a universal robotic control system?

… From a highly fragmented industry with few common standards or platforms, there will soon be a universal interface so that 3rd parties can add platforms and modules to robotic systems.
… There won’t be a commercial version of Willow Garage&…

Y-T-D Global Robo-Stox™ Chart – a very ugly picture!

… All the gains from the early months of 2011 have been lost for the whole global robotics industry.
… Only American defense contractors and service robotic companies are holding their own.

2011 Robot Gift Suggestions

… Gift and book suggestions for almost every family member.
… Product descriptions, photos, prices, and where to buy.