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Month: October 2011

Robotics | IoT

Fast high precision eye-surgery robot developed

A researcher in The Netherlands has developed a smart eye-surgery robot that allows eye surgeons to operate with increased ease and greater precision on the retina and the vitreous humor of the eye. The system also extends the effective period during w…

Help for independent scientists and early-stage companies developing radical ideas

… Peter Thiel, of Google’s driverless car fame, launched Breakout Labs, a new program to help independent scientists and early-stage companies develop their most radical ideas.
… Funding agreements range from $50,000 to $350,000 depending on …

Emerging Underwater Businesses

… ROVs repairing underwater oil rigs; treasure hunters finding $230 million in silver; recovering the black box from a crashed airline; tracking sea creatures – these are just a few of the non-defense/security uses of unmanned maritime systems and de…

Tree-dwelling animals were the first to fly, new research suggests

A six-legged, 25 gram robot has been fitted with flapping wings in order to gain an insight into the evolution of early birds and insects.

Robotic bug gets wings, sheds light on evolution of flight

When engineers outfitted a six-legged robotic bug with wings in an effort to improve its mobility, they unexpectedly shed some light on the evolution of flight. The wings nearly doubled the running speed of the 25-gram robot, but was that good enough f…

Goal to build more than 30 more KASPARs to help children with autism

Researchers in the UK have a goal to build over 30 more KASPAR robots to help children with autism.

Robotic telescope network with access via Internet to be built

Internauts will be able to connect to 17 telescopes on four continents to share observation time. A world network of robotic telescopes is to be developed as part of a European citizen science project that has just kicked off in Spain. The network, to …

iWalk expanding availability of lower limb bionic prosthetics

… MIT spinoff iWalk now producing a leg system that replaces the combined functions of the foot, ankle and calf regions of the human body for amputees.
… Prosthetic emulates or even augments physiological function through electromechanical replacem…

MS Donates 2,500 Kinects to F.I.R.S.T.

… The Kinect sensor will be a valuable enhancement to the FIRST robot competition experience. Teams will be able to either program their robots to respond to their own custom gestures, or use default code and gestures.
… The Kinect sensor includes…

Five Finalists Chosen for RoboBowl Healthcare Robotics Competition

… Five finalists in the RoboBowl next-generation competition for healthcare robotic devices hosted by CMU were announced. Each wins $5,000. The best of the five wins another $20,000.
… Proposals include (1) personalized video games and robotics for…