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Month: July 2011

Robotics | IoT

Stephen Colbert Jokes About Quadcopter with MIT’s Missy Cummings

… Navy pilot turned college professor jokes back and tells how MIT lab is enabling the use of inexpensive quadcopters with surveillance packages and tablet or smartphone front-end controllers for soldiers and first responders.

20 US Stocks Involved in the Robotics Industry

… Is it time to invest? Check this list of 20 US stocks involved in the robotics industry.
… Read Q&A on the subject by CNET’s Tim Hornyak.
… List also includes stock symbols and nine additional European and Japanese robotic manufacture…

It’s official: Computerized trading agents do beat humans in foreign exchange markets

Robot trading agents, which already dominate the foreign exchange markets, have now been definitively shown to beat human traders at the same game.

Hansen Medical’s Magellan Robotic System receives EU CE Mark approval

… US FDA go-ahead for Magellan’s vascular intervention system still pending.

Researchers mimic nature to create a ‘bio-inspired brain’ for robots

Engineers are developing bio-inspired integrated circuit technology which mimics the neuron structure and operation of the brain.

Us and Them: Informative and wonderfully graphic, from National Geographic Magazine

… A visual overview of developments in social robots from National Geographic in their August issue.
… Wonderful pics; good overview; full of questions. (Much like the industry.)

Korea robotics industry booming and receives additional governmental stimulus

… Korea’s robotics industry is accelerating with record growth in output, sales and exports. According to a government survey of 395 firms, their combined sales nearly doubled to $2.1 billion last year from a year earlier. Total production volu…

Recent breakthroughs enabling consumer and commercial robotics

The Kinect phenomena highlights the market for low-cost sensors and also the ingenuity of the world of roboticists and hackers taking advantage of these breakthroughs.
… iRobot’s AVA – an inexpensive mobile platform connected to a two-way vision tablet – is going to help and is partnering into healthcare and other fields with it’s AVA robot. Other vendors (Vgo, Luna, BiliBot, etc.) also making inroads with low-cost telepresence robots.
… The use of series elastic actuators changes the whole approach to manufacturing robots. Besides being cheaper, robots are able to safely interact with people thereby ridding the necessity for a “cage.”
… Open sourcing and app store concepts (e.g.: RoboEarth) are taking hold in the robotics world as Apple has pioneered and others are following in the computer and communications world.

Inside the innards of a nuclear reactor: Tiny robots may monitor underground pipes for radioactive leaks

Scientists have develop robots equipped with cameras that can navigate the underground pipes of a nuclear reactor to check for corrosion by propelling themselves with internal networks of valves and pumps.

Teledyne to provide Navy with 150 marine gliders for $53 million

… The Navy plans to use the fleet of deep and shallow water gliders with their relative low cost, minimal power usage and longevity at sea, to acquire critical oceanographic data to improve positioning of fleets during naval maneuvers.