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Month: June 2011

Robotics | IoT

Carls Jr ad say: If machines can’t eat it, machines shouldn’t make it. But robots do process food.

… The robot in Carl’s Jr’s new ad is a symbol for the evil, alien machines that bread other chicken patties before they’re frozen.
… Stephen Colbert does a schtick about Robo-Slackers”—skip forward to 3:26 to see the b…

Scientists developing robotic hand of the future

Researchers in Spain are working to create a robotic hand that can reproduce the abilities and movements of a human hand in order to achieve the optimal manipulation of objects.

Pres. Obama Approves $70 million for Robotics; STEM Problem Not Addressed

… NSF, NASA, NIH and the Dept of Agriculture to provide $70 million to support research in next generation robots that will work closely with human operators – allowing new ability for factory workers, healthcare providers, soldiers, surgeons and a…

News from various blogs:

… Google and Android team up with iRobot and their AVA platform to add tablet and apps to AVA. [Robotland]
… U.S. Senator calls robot projects wasteful. Robots call Senator wasteful. [IEEE Spectrum Automaton]
… Great video about a new Japanese ba…

Kiva Systems starts rental program

… Good idea justs keeps getting better. Kiva Systems launches rental program to help businesses with high peak or seasonal demand.

U.S. research dollars keep flowing

… U.S. DoD to spend $41.7 billion on unmanned aerial vehicles and systems in 2012-2014 (that’s $13.9 billion per year!) says research firm focused on the aerospace/defense sector.
… Defense spending towers over venture capital investments, eg…

New robo thriller book – movie coming

… New scifi thriller Robopocalypse receiving rave reviews and comments by Stephen King, Clive Cussler and Lincoln Child. Wired Magazine review.
… Movie rights sold to Stephen Spielberg and big-budget movie is scheduled for 2013.

3D Printing Going Mainstream

… Recent examples of 3D printing include intricate meshed titanium gloves and plastic bikinis.
… Apple had to use prototyping 3D printers from Japan because it couldn’t manufacture a critical iPad part in time.
… All sorts of apps – in the …

UC Berkeley Student Team Solving Laundry Problem With Robots

… The difficulties of loading a hamper of dirty clothes into a washer, transferring it to a dryer, removing and then folding all the different types of clothing and undergarments is a desired app for a home robot – and one being attempted by a whole …

Got $3,000 and a lot of trust?

… RoboDynamics launches Luna – an as-yet not-described telepresence and personal robot. The first 1,000-unit production run, due in Q4, will sell for $3,000 apiece.
… Wonderful design and pictures but an awful video.
… At recent Google Developer …