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Month: April 2011

Robotics | IoT

FIRST Robotics World Championship Finals Awarded

… St Louis’ HEC-TV broadcast the 2011 FIRST Robotics World Championships and Awards Ceremonies before a live crowd of more than 22,000 at the St Louis Dome stadium.
… Will.I.Am and The Black Eyed Peas played for the 300+ teams, their sponsors…

Money is out there—particularly for low-cost platforms:

… Philips Healthcare invests in Corindus’ vascular robotics start-up.
… New telepresence and hacked Kinect/Roomba platforms rolling out:
    Kickstarter enables MIT’s Garratt Galagher to get starter funding for his Bilibot.

Pics of iRobot’s PackBots inside Fukashima

… First really good video from Japan’s IDG of how robots are being used inside the Fukashima nuclear power plant and also outside for remote controlled cleanup and debris removal.
… Drone video and comments from Andrew Revkin at DotEarth.

DARPA ARM project launches public robot simulator and lab testing

… DARPA’s Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (ARM) project to develop robot software and hardware to autonomously manipulate, grasp, and perform complicated tasks… think unzip a duffle bag and rifle through the contents searching for drugs and w…

AP Reports Predator Drone May Have Killed Two US Troops

… Roboticist’s worst nightmare: friendly fire mistake leading to deaths by Hellfire missles. “Currently, Air Force Predators and Reapers, the high-flying hunter-killer drones, are logging 48 24-hour air patrols a day, moving toward a goal…

Robots in the News:

… HR 658, the bill to promote the safe integration of unmanned systems into the national airspace, has passed the House. Follow the results in the Senate.
… Passport screening by multi-lingual robots begins in May at Taipei airports.
… Festo once…

Dissecting the Controversy About the Robotics Industry

… From Automate 2011 in Chicago: Industrial robotic companies mostly recovered from 2009 lows. Japan is the exception and China accounts for 127% of the growth. Much of the recovery was due to the renewal of facilities for newer hybrid cars in the au…