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Disney’s Cute Turtle Robot Draws Entire Beachscapes

This adorable turtle drawbot produces larger than life art that spans entire beaches.
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This Impressive 3D Crochet Baymax Was Made With a Rainbow Loom

Learn how you can crochet your own amigurumi Baymax from the hit animated film Big Hero 6. Try this fun and unique Rainbow Loom version.
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Disney 3D Prints with Fabric, Makes Soft Interactive Toys

The folks at Disney have been exploring some really interesting techniques for fabrication. Their latest is this interesting method of 3D printing with fabric. The process is best described as an automated system for assembling laser cut layers of fabr…

Disney’s Exquisite Digital Eyes Bring Avatars to Life

When you meet someone, where does your gaze first fall? Usually, you’ll find you look for their eyes. And maybe this is partly why some digital characters can seem alien—their… read more

Meet Primitive Pete, or How Not to Use Your Tools

Do you know how a hammer works? Yes, probably, you do — it hasn’t changed much in millennia, and even less in the last 70 years. So this video, a promotional effort by Disney and General Motors from 1945, feels at first like an occasionally del…