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New Project: Project: Build a Flat Pack Table that Assembles in Seconds

This sturdy table assembles in seconds without tools, and stores flat in a closet or under a bed. You can make it over a weekend from a ½”×4’×4′ sheet of finish-grade plywood. The table shown is intended for children ages 5–7. Fo…

Ikea for Farming: Flat-Pack Hen House, Worm Bin, Beehive

As many of us become more concerned and aware of the foods we are consuming, urban farming has taken off as not only a way to produce healthy foods, but also to help produce foods in a more economical and environmentally-friendly fashion. Now, the AKER…

This Packable Classroom Built by Kids Could Help Disaster Relief

Shruthik Musukula’s and his class at Valley Christian Junior High built this foldable room for disaster preparedness.Read more on MAKE