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The Edinburgh mini Maker Faire Roundup

This post is a roundup of the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire—returning to Edinburgh for the second time—held at the Summerhall this weekend as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival. That’s a wrap for the Edinburgh Mini Maker …

Underwater ROV at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

Martin Evans builds underwater ROV’s and he brought three different type of ROV here to the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire and I took the opportunity to talk to Martin about his builds.Read more on MAKE

Making stuff with SplatForm at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

I talked to Evan Lind—the inventor of SplatForm, a new free-form social toy system—about it, and what it’s actually supposed to be for, and how he came up with the idea in the first place.Read more on MAKE

The Edinburgh Tool Library at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

You can’t own every tool, and even if you’re lucky enough to be a member of a hackspace or makerspace, you can’t take them home if they do. Which is where the Edinburgh Tool Library comes in, it’s a new charity that not only wants to lend you tools, bu…

What should I see at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire?

I caught up with Maaroof Fakhri—one of the organisers’ of today mini Maker Faire and asked him what you should see if you’re coming to the faire.Read more on MAKE

Wall-E the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

Dale Wood—a maker from Zimbabwe that now lives here in Scotland—has built a life-sized replica of Disney’s WALL-E robot and it’s on display at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire.Read more on MAKE

The Darwin Toolbox at the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

I talked to Philip Boeing from UCL about the Darwin Toolbox—an affordable biotechnology laboratory in a compact toolbox-size container that should allow you to get started doing real DIY genetics at home.Read more on MAKE

Roll up, roll up for the Edinburgh mini Maker Faire

Back for a second year the Edinburgh mini-Maker Faire is bigger and brighter than ever, and I’ll be reporting live from the faire all day here at the Summerhall in Edinburgh.Read more on MAKE