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The Miles CubeSat Might Be the Next Satellite Sent to Mars

  When I think of people putting things into orbit, or visiting space, bulky spacesuits and perhaps a gigantic room filled with scientists monitoring an array of screens comes to mind. Things have, however, changed since the 1970s, and though that…

Want Your Own Personal Satellite? Reaching Space Is Becoming (Relatively) Cheap

Satellites are shrinking, and so is the cost to build them and shoot them up into orbit. Cubesats, which weigh 1.33 kilograms or less, have become popular for researchers with… read more

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3D Printing a Robust Cubesat for Space-Bound Dev Boards

We talk to Craig Kief and Brian Zufelt from COSMIAC about their plans not just to fly the Raspberry Pi into orbit, but to 3D print the satellite that’s going to take it there.
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Bill Nye’s LightSail: Making Sci-Fi Real

The quest to solve one of the persistent barriers to citizen space exploration.
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Build Your Own Satellite Ground Station

We talk to the creators of SatNOGS, an open source and open hardware satellite ground station built using a 3D printer, off the shelf components, and $300.
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NASA Approves Kicksat’s Tiny DIY Satellites for Second Attempt

With the recent announcement that the replacement Kicksat has been awarded a launch slot by NASA I sat down and talked to Zac Manchester about the history behind the Kicksat project, and the upcoming launch.
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Taking the Cube Quest Challenge

Registration is now open for NASA’s first in-space challenge competition, offering the agency’s largest-ever prize purse. Your journey into lunar orbit begins at Moffett Field in January.Read more on MAKE

Want a Free Trip to Orbit With NASA?

Aimed directly at the 21 “rookie states” that have had no previous CubeSat presence in space, one of the initiatives announced by President Obama today at the White House Maker Faire is an “announcement of opportunity” from NASA for new CubeSat de…

Your Own Satellite: 7 Things to Know Before You Go

Launching your own satellite is an excellent decision, and easier than you may think. But first, what do you want your satellite to do? Here are 7 key things you need to know before you launch your personal spacecraft into orbit at 17,000 miles an hour…

Interplanetary Makers: NASA Needs Your Input!

Put your CubeSat into lunar orbit and see if it can send back data from the farthest reaches of space.Read more on MAKE