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Breaking Out of the Corporate Bubble With Uncommon Partners

For big companies, success is a blessing and a curse. You don’t get big without doing something (or many things) very right. It might start with an invention or service the world didn’t know it needed. Your product takes off, and growth brings a whole new set of logistical challenges. Delivering consistent quality, hiring the […]

Leading Transformation in a World of Uncertainty

Whether creating a disruptive business model, developing a radical innovation, or executing a cultural makeover, leaders know that their job is to drive organizational transformation to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing world. They also know that the odds of success are against them. Often, however, it is not the inability to solve technological or […]

Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent: The Rise of China’s Tech Giants

Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent (BAT) are now valued at a combined $1 trillion USD. Alibaba and Tencent alone now account for almost one-third of the MSCI China Index, fueling its 47 percent gain in 2017. As of this past March, China had skyrocketed to 164 unicorns, worth a combined $628 billion USD. Roughly 50 percent are controlled or backed […]

The 4 Tools Making Capital More Abundant Than It’s Ever Been

Nothing accelerates technological innovation like cash. Lots and lots of cash. More bucks means more Buck Rogers. More cash means more people building, experimenting, failing, and eventually driving breakthroughs. In December 2017, I wrote about the abundance of capital accumulating around the world. We’ve seen so much development in this space in Q1 2018 alone […]

Big Tech Should Take the Lead on Climate Change—Here’s Why

At Collision, which calls itself “North America’s fastest-growing tech conference,” former United Nations climate chief Christiana Figueres threw down a challenge to tech titans: move the world from incremental to exponential action on climate change. The digital tech sector is the wild card in fossil-fuel escape plans. Disruption of the global economy is on the […]

Leading With Purpose: How to Turn Your Mission Into a Movement

Jennifer Dulski is an entrepreneur, social impact change agent, and business leader. Dulski is currently the head of Facebook Groups, which helps more than a billion people participate in communities that matter to them, including topics like health, parenting, and mobilization around disaster response. Dulski has spent a career launching new ventures and leading global […]

An Innovator’s City Guide to Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a perfect innovation hub, as well as a great launchpad into the Dutch and European markets. Although small in size, Amsterdam has it all: a creative and stable business environment, a diverse talent pool and entrepreneurial mindset, and a perfect city to live in, with great hangouts and a friendly and vibrant atmosphere […]

The Power of Unsafe Thinking to Bring Bold, World-Changing Ideas to Life

Jonah Sachs is a storyteller, entrepreneur, and “unsafe thinker.” Sachs is the founder and former CEO of Free Range studios, a pioneering creative firm that helped create some of the first viral marketing campaigns around social issues, such as the “The Story of Stuff,” which was viewed by over 60 million people and whose purpose […]

An Innovator’s City Guide to Cairo, Egypt

One of Egypt’s major assets in addition to its central location between Africa, Europe, and Asia is Cairo’s huge pool of youth and talent. The city has become a hub for tech leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs and has experienced strong growth in mobile and web-based industries. The startup market has been quietly growing in recent […]

An Innovator’s City Guide to São Paulo, Brazil

The tenth-largest city in the world and the largest in the Americas, São Paulo is a unique place. Its size, diversity, and energy outweigh its traffic and concrete jungle. Here you can spend months visiting museums, theaters, concerts, restaurants, and parks without running out of things to do. Go to Vila Madalena and immerse yourself […]