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New Project: Controlling a lock with an Arduino and Bluetooth LE

This project allows you to open a solenoid lock from a PhoneGap app using the Bluetooth Serial Plugin and the new Adafruit Bluetooth LE break-out board for the Nordic Semiconductor nRF8001 chip.Read more on MAKE

New Project: DIY Arduino Bluetooth Programming Shield

Upload sketches to your Arduino wirelessly with a DIY Arduino Bluetooth Programming Shield.Read more on MAKE

Live from New York, It’s Arduino Day!

If you can’t make it to a local event tomorrow, MAKE will be streaming live video of Arduino Day 2014 from ITP in New York City.Read more on MAKE

Arduino controlled TEC cooling/heating system for beer fermentation

Temperature control during fermentation is a key factor for the perfect homebrew—and is something that is mandatory if you would like to brew like a pro—and that’s a perfect fit for the Arduino.Read more on MAKE

Arduino Based Cellular Sensor Sentinel

Expanding the capabilities of your Arduino is easily done by adding a shield. Plugging directly into an Arduino and typically including custom libraries for easy coding, sheilds provide a quick way to expand a project. In his Weekend Project: Cellular …

Homebrewing and Arduino: the perfect recipe

One of the common past times in the home-brewing community is the self-building and DIY of the equipment need for beer production in all steps. All that needs is some added Arduino.Read more on MAKE

New Project: Arduino Monsterbot

What can this bot do? What do you want it to do?Read more on MAKE

New Project: Smart Cocktail Shaker

Build a smart cocktail shaker with help from an Arduino.Read more on MAKE

New Project: Arduino Rotary Phone

Modify a retro phone to create strange, interactive conversations. Read more on MAKE

Which Board is Right for You?

Your guide to navigating the increasingly crowded landscape of microcontrollers.Read more on MAKE