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Category: CNC Week 2014

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The Skinny on End Mills

Interested in CNC routing but clueless about tooling? Can’t tell an end mill from a drill bit? Here’s an overview of end mill anatomy, some basic cutter types, and tips on how to choose the correct tooling for basic wood or plastic jobs. Drill Bits…

CNC Machining Contest Winner: Viva La Four Axis Delta Router!

A four axis deltabot style milling machine built around creative constraints and run on standard 3D printer hardware takes top honors in our CNC Machining Week contest. Read more on MAKE

Motion Control for the Masses: The TinyG Story

TinyG offers industrial-grade motion control that’s accessible to casual users while still powerful enough for pros.Read more on MAKE

New Project: CNC Maker Bench

Create custom, open-source CNC tables for your workshop using AtFab’s parametric program — or just download and fabricate MAKE’s design.Read more on MAKE

Where Are They Now? CNC Mill Edition

The landscape among new desktop CNC mills is vibrant and the tools are continually improving. Here are five of the most popular, with details on how they have updated their hardware, software, business plans, or personnel.Read more on MAKE

Driving Big Stepper Motors with Arduino

John Saunders of NYC CNC gives two video tutorials on controlling large stepper motors with an Arduino, a 24V power supply, and an ST-M5045 microstepping driver.Read more on MAKE

10 Essential Accessories for Your CNC

Robert Beatty and his daughters Camille and Genevieve use their CNC mill to make custom aluminum parts for their robots on beatty-robotics.com. They share their list of 10 essential accessories for your CNC mill. Learn some great tool tips from these e…

CNC Week Kicks off Today with New Projects — and a Fresh Contest

We’ve got an entire week of brand new CNC machining content lined up! Check back each day for new projects, skill builders, tutorials and videos —plus a brand new contest. Let the sawdust and aluminum fly! Read more on MAKE