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Self-Driving Cars Are So 2015: Get There in a Self-Flying ‘Copter

We never did get our Jetsons flying cars or jet packs. EHang’s trying to change that with this giant, passenger carrying drone.
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New Project: Build Your First Tricopter

Tricopters fly smoother than quads and make better videos. Build the Maker Hangar Tricopter and see for yourself!
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Amateur World Record Rocket Launch a Success!

A few weeks ago, we ran a piece here announcing the pending launch of this 46′ tall 1:1-scale V2 amateur rocket, to be launched at the Thunda Down Under rocket meet in Australia. The Rocketry Victoria team was going for the world record of the la…

This Is The Biggest Amateur Rocket Ever Built

The largest amateur rocket ever built, at over 46′ tall, weighing in at 617 pounds, will attempt its first flight next weekend at the Thunda Down Under rocketry meet in Australia. This impressive-looking 1:1 scale replica of a V2 was created by t…

Two Bay Area Young Maker Events This Weekend

It’s my pleasure to tell you about two fantastic Young Makers / Open Make events happening in the San Francisco Bay Area this Saturday, Feb. 16. But be ready for a twinge of disappointment: You’ll have to pick just one of these two wonderful ways to sp…

Hexapod Meets Hexacopter

I haven’t started my list of New Year resolutions yet, but I’m pretty sure learning to fly a drone quadcopter is going to make the top 10. But after seeing Mad Lab Industries’ exceptionally cool hexapod hexacopter  maybe it makes mor…

3D Printed Quadcopter

How’s this for a marriage of bleeding edge technology? A 3D printed quadcopter! Read the full article on MAKE

Holiday 2012 Gift Guide: Aerial Drones

Today’s hobby drones are pretty amazing. They are packed with features and have a level of automation and sensors never before available to the amateur. Prices have dropped to the point that this technology is accessible, even if you aren’t a gover…

Red Bull Flugtag Hits San Francisco

Over the weekend, MAKE’s web producer Jake Spurlock and I headed to nearby San Francisco to watch amateur pilots and engineers test their skills at human powered flight in the Red Bull Flugtag.Though it first started in 1991, this year’s flugtag (

Raspberry Pi in the Sky!

PublicLaboratory is a fantastic citizen scientist organization with really useful projects like DIY spectrometers (for finding out what’s really in stuff) and aerial mapping for monitoring of oil spills, landfills, etc. They’ve done some f…