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Build This Sturdy Light Box for Bright, Clean Photos

See how one maker built a custom light box to take product photos for under $200.
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New Project: Hinge Sky Tracker for Astrophotography

This sky tracking platform matches the eath’s rotation in the simplest way possible. A basic regulator circuit powers a DC gear-head motor, which turns a pair of gears that engage a curved length of threaded rod, and makes the hinge open at the correct…

6 DIY Star Trackers for Perfect Night Sky Photos

To photograph the stars, you need a gadget that can track the revolving night sky in a perfectly timed arc. Otherwise all you’ll see is streaks and blurs.
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Have A Happy Pi Day with this Baker’s Dozen of Raspberry Pi Projects

The Raspberry Pi is a great platform to rapidly build fun electronics projects. And since it’s Pi Day here in the States —yes, we really do order the date by month/day/year, 3/14/15— we thought it’s a great time to share thirteen of our…

Detecting Alien Planets With Your ‘Run-of-the-Mill’ Digital Camera

Astronomy is no stranger to citizen scientists. Amateur stargazers are credited with the discovery of comets, asteroids, and even planets. That said, while amateurs don’t use multi-million dollar observatories, it’s… read more

MAKE Editors’ Highlights and Picks from CES 2014

This week at CES 2014 we saw a lot of the typical fare: televisions, tablets, cameras, and phones. But we also saw robots, 3D printers and scanners, drones, and even some hardware development boards. Here’s some of our favorites.Read more on MAKE